Coming Back on Steroids

Hi guys, as the title says I will be coming back to using steroids. Reason being: powerlifting federation I am competing in is NON-TESTED.
It’s been about 4 years since I last used steroids so I was wondering if I should start off with a “beginner” cycle by using low dosages (250-350ml) per week or continue off with a solid 500mg cycle?
Also, my diet, training and recovery are on point.


500mg a week and get an AI and take minimum dosages.

Research proper PCT if you plan to go off again. Or just run “TRT” levels and cruise on it.

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Thanks, I was thinking of running a TRT levels and cruise since I want to keep my strength gains. I’ll simply be running test e, with AI.
Would I need to run AI while on a cruise?

Depends on blood work

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I’ll get blood work done. What readings should I be looking for while on a cruise?
Sorry I’m new to cruising, I always used PCT.

On 125 to 200 per week somewhere in the mid 20 without or with to be good

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I figure if you aren’t fat like I am, you should be okay without it. Just be sure to have it incase your E2 spikes up. I’d do labs about a month after starting TRT. Adjust from there. Myself, I’d get labs ever two-three months after.

I’m 16% bodyfat at 181lbs. But my BF% is getting lower and lower on a weekly basis.

Well, you should be good then. Just can’t stress labs every two months or so.

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I usually get blood work done every 6 months

I guess that’s fine. As a fatty, I gotta make sure I keep that E2 in line.

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Thanks! I don’t mind going up a weight class, we aren’t fat, just extra insulation as we Canadians call it haha.

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