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Coming Back From the Dead



Pant, pant, pant. There, that's better.

I hate moving. I really, really do. I finally made it back to T-Nation and it seems a different world. Who are these new people? What's everyone up to? Will take forever to catch up.

Moving is always stressful - closing accounts, opening accounts, hours of driving, cleaning the apartment, packing, unpacking. But Murphy's Law busted a gasket making this move a real whopper:

The movers got in a big argument with me, after the sales clerk swore they wouldn't - do NOT hire Americas Moving Company
The bank lost my change of address and sent everything to the old place
ATT screwed up my phone line, which means 3 weeks without internet. THREE. WEEKS.
The IRS updated its computer system which promptly blew a fuse and accused me of owing money I didn't owe
Do you have any idea how many hours I spent on a friend's phone trying to convince ATT they screwed up my phone line? Any idea how many visits from the serviceman?
When I pulled the contact paper from the cabinets, the weird paint had glued it down and it ripped to shreds - even though I followed their suggestion to put it down in the first place, I know they'll charge me for repairs
One of the profs at the school told me I had just rented an apartment in a high crime district
The new power company didn't get in touch with me about the down payment
Golden Corral forgot to turn on the ice cream machine, so all the ice cream was thin liquid and I got no desert
Did I mention ATT messed up my phone line?


OK, with that out of my system . . .

The people at school are very nice, and my class is going well. I managed to get the boss to throw some more work my way - tutoring sessions twice a week. Yeah, more money.

The new apartment is roomy, looks brand new, and much cheaper than before. Gas stove cooking ROCKS. Close to everything I want - supermarkets, same bank as before, shops, the works. Golden Corral one block away - I'm in heaven.

Very nice gym just 2 miles down the road. The salesclerk smiled and asked what my goals are. I said "Powerlifting. I want to enter more contests." Poor guy got completely lost. He knew all about the cardio classes, the spin classes, the "core" classes . . . but didn't have a clue what was in the free weight area. Finally he said "You should talk with Toby."

Toby isn't like the other trainers "Let's jazzercise by waving pink dumbbells!" He's a 240 lb mass of muscle who's competed in powerlifting. He's benched 450 raw and 700 suited. He's absolutely thrilled someone finally walked through the door asking for powerlifting. Naturally I signed up for several training sessions.

He checked out my squat and bench. He saw my deadlift and will be checking it tomorrow. He LOVES my form on all lifts. Looks like I learned a lot from you folks!

Bench: got up to doing a triple with 135. He's got me doing shoulders and lats for assistance work. Makes sense, I've neglected them concentrating on tris and pecs.

Squat: he wants me to get just a teensy bit lower, about an inch or two. Put me on leg presses, stiff leg DL with VERY low weight to stretch hams, leg ext, leg curls, calves, nothing fancy. He LOVES training someone who wants squatting.

This is odd. Somehow I lost over 10 pounds bodyweight in a couple of weeks. I wasn't trying. I know, all that packing and moving, and erratic eating, I thought I might lose a couple of pounds . . . but this much?? funny thing, strength didn't seem to suffer. In fact, felt really recovered.

Lots of enthusiasm from him - he even complimented me on having a strong grip after we shook hands. I was surprised he even felt it. He insists he's not kidding.


welcome back Cav...sounds like quite the adventure!! Best of luck wih your training!


Welcome back x2, thats all good news. I'm sure the pounds will come back in muscle now, as long as you stay out of the Coral.


I love Toby.

Glad your move went well and that you are happily situated.

I know what you mean about this forum feeling like a foreign country these days.


The new guys look normal to me.


The one front row left is me. Moving blows! Looks like you hit a good gym with at least one guy that can help you. Now if you can ever straighten out ATT...


Happy new Year and welcome back.

Toby sounds like he has a good good plan.


Toby sounds like a long lost cousin to me.

Good to have you back Cav.


Nice to see you back cav.


Thanks everyone for the warm welcome back.

Goat, "adventure" is a polite term for "I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy". This place reminds me a lot of where I grew up . . . I can feel a lot of stress slipping away.

Dude, it's easy. Just avoid the carbs and go for the steak, roast chicken, fish, pork ribs, spicy ground beef - damn, now I'm hungry.

Snapper, it's thanks to your critique that he only wants another inch or so. You'd definitely get a kick out of him - say "powerlifting" and he's your best friend.

Derek - LOL!!!!!

Led, thanks, I've always had difficulty putting on muscle, hoping a new environment with a good game plan will kickstart results. My old log is "Hard Work" . . . it's not a pretty sight.

Kmcnyc, Happy New Year yourself, and Happy New Year (Asian).

Fischer, thanks, you'd like this guy.

Nurse, thanks.

Currently checking everyone's log - sigh, so many threads, so little time . . .


Enough chit-chat, down to business. I'm intrigued by the BOI log, might cross post there.


First session with Toby.

45 x 100
95 x 7
95 x 6
115 x 5
135 x 3
135 x 3

He's checking form, 135 is tough. He says do lots of shoulder and lat work. Rear delts, rear delts, rear delts . . . well, my shoulders do suck.

DB Lat raise
5 x 10
10 x 10
10 x 8
10 x 8
15 x 5

Face pull on double pulley machine
60 x 15
100 x 12

too damn easy, try a single pulley
60 x 8
60 x 8

that's better.



135 x 10
185 x 7
245 x 5 . x 5 . x 5

felt GOOD!

DB lat raise
10 x 12
15 x 8 . x 8
20 x 3 . x 3 . x 3

Arm curl 30 x 15
50 x 15
70 x 7
80 x 5 . x 5 .x 5

Did some shrugs, some Good Girl Bad Girl - been ages since I used one, thought I'd be sore but wasn't. Did 4 reps of chins - the weight loss helped with that.


95 x 8
115 x 8
135 x 3 . felt a little easier, lats a bit stronger
145 x 2 . x 3 . x 3

last one was a real grinder, probably shouldn't be pushing so much weight but so tired of being weak on this

Five sets pulldowns. Some DB lat raise.

OH Press
45 x 12
65 x 12
75 x 6 . x 7 . x 7

Dips - weight loss helped this
x 6 . x 6 . x 6

More face pulls.


1/17 . Session with Toby. Checking squat.

95 x 8 . x 8 . x 8


Leg Press
180 x 10 . x 10 . x 10


Stiff leg DL
20 x 15 . x 15 . x 15

He had me moving hips a bit to get down a little lower. Otherwise, loves it. I begged him to increase weight, but he wanted to check form. Was panting plenty anyway.

Finished with leg extensions, leg curls and standing calf.

Got a HUGE test surge that night - didn't expect that.


Hey Cav, welcome back! Sounds like a great start at the gym anyway, trainers are usually excited by motivated individuals. Look forward to hearing all about it.


Today's session with Toby:

135 x 8 . x 5 . x 5 . x 5 . x 5 . x 5


Cable row
100 x 10 . x 10 . x 10

The rowing was for lats.

DB Deadlift
35 x 10 . x 10 . x 10


90 x 10 x 10
100 x 10

The DBs felt WAY too light, I was begging for more weight, but no. Well, my lungs could barely keep up as it was.

Freemotion pulldown
70 x 15 . x 15 . x 15 . x 15

Then he had do crunches of all things - it's been ages. four sets of 25 each.

Feeling SWOLE.


Thanks Up, looking sexy as always! Yeah, you should hear this guy - "I got me a powerlifter!!"


I LOVE the FREE MOTION machines!!! I was sore sore sore after using them!!!


Yipee Cav is back and settling down. Double Yipee on finding Toby!!

Yes, first work on form, ab work, just wait you'll be adding weight to ab work in no time :slightly_smiling:

Lats and rear delt work, I think I really like this guy -
more :slightly_smiling: :slightly_smiling:



Welcome back to the seniors center, it's good to have you back. And it sounds like the new job is working out nicely.