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Coming Back From Sickness


I've been running a fever and felt like complete shit since Tuesday. Today I finally feel better, and don't have any chills etc...That being said, I wasn't able to eat much in the past few days, and as I start to gain my appetite back, I was wondering what people thought as far as nutrition and total cals for the next few days?? I've definitely lost a good amount of weight, and was wondering what people think is the best way to approach this?


More calories from liquids, fruit and veg intake high, loads of water and fluids and sleep as much as you can.


Related question: If you have a minor cold and could lift (just a lighter amount), should you do so? Or should you wait 'til you get completely over the cold because you want your body fighting the cold rather than repairing muscles from working?


Depends if your glands are swollen and if you have temperature and fever. Sometimes a mild cold can benefit, but anything more, best not to train.


Thanks for the advice. What do you think as far as when it's best to get back to normal eating? I would imagine my body's metabolism has slowed, due to the lack of cals, so would it make sense to start with maintenance cals and then work back up from there, or is there a sort of rebound effect from the body being in "survival mode" to then eating above maintenance?