Coming Back from Sickness

well, my stomach flu passed away and i can start training again around saturday, what should i do ? any suggestions for "come back “Sessions” ? this has already fucked up my regime as i lost 8 kg of weight during 2 days of vomits etc…

so im probably weak, should i establish new RM and restart my program or just do some traditional work (3x5/5x5 ) and come back to test my maxes and restart program when New year comes ? ( gym is gonna be closed from Christmas to New year…so only 3 and half week of training i got…)

I would go in and for 2 weeks train completely by feel. Do plenty of sets of varying rep ranges… everything from 10s to 2s for compound exercersies, you will get strength back insanely fast and by 2 weeks can probably resume your program. Just eat plenty and rest a lot and you can gain 8 kilos back in 2 weeks without a problem as you are very dehydrated I bet and have no glycogen.

When I come back from being sick, I usually lose some weight myself and I just let the quality of my diet slide so I can get in a bunch of calories and renourish myself.

that i do, although i eat less than normal due to obvious reasons…thanks for replys! they helped much