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Coming Back From Shoulder Impingement

I have recently had a course of ART for shoulder impingement. The nerve had adhered to the musccle, and the subscapularis was not firing, causing all sorts of problems for my upper body lifts. The superspinatis was also affected, so that has been worked on, too. My ART practitioner told me the problem was mainly in my subscap, and to continue working that.

In the meantime, he cautioned me to only lift light weights with high reps for about 3 weeks, and then gradually begin working my way back into heavier weights. My question is: Has anyone experiecned this sort of problem before? And how well were you able to come back from it? Thanks in advance…

I had shoulder impingement problems, and required surgery to rectify the situation. I had “shoulder decompression surgery” back on May 20/2005. I am now back to regular training, and my shoulder has never been better. I had to wait 3-months after surgery to resume training with light weights for about 4-6 weeks, then I went gung-ho with the intensity and poundages. I tried different remedies prior to surgery, but nothing worked.

I pinched my supraspinatus. The first couple days I couldn’t lift my arm laterally more than 2" from my leg. I took a bunch of advil; and heat and iced it daily. I started doing light high rep rotator cuff exercises every day. On bench day after thoroughly warming up, I mostly did DB bench. I used a heavier DB on the good arm to keep it strong, and did them one arm at a time. After a month my shoulder feels fine & a few weeks after that I’m back to my prev bench max.