Coming Back from PCS/TBI

Repost from injury thread sinse it got zero response.

Hey all,

I was a poster on here several years ago, but my search function isn’t bringing up any old posts, so if I’m redundant, my apologies.

About two and a half years ago, I was working full time as a professional wrestler, weighed 212 pounds at a bf% hovering between 8-10. Natural lifter, 45 minutes of steady state cardio every morning, meals consisted of 15f/50p/0c except post-training meals of 15/50/90. I was religious about getting bigger, more shredded, etc, so that Vince would notice me. Never happened.

I ended up having to bow out after getting knocked out three times in two weeks - all three concussions. After the final one, I had a throwing up style migraine that lasted six months. Once everything calmed down, and the neurologist diagnosed me with post-concussion syndrome, I started trying to get back into working out. Most times, about ten minutes in, I’d start losing my vision and would end up with a blinding migraine that would last a good three days. Needless to say, working out became not so fun.

Diet went by the wayside, too. I drank heavily to deal with the pain (no insurance to cover the really expensive pain pills), and ended up dealing with the depression of the whole life dream thing fading away by gorging myself.

Through it all, I never gained too much weight. I’ve been stuck at about 230-235 since my injury. Of course, the measurement tell a different tale. I’ve gained a lot in my gut and lost some in the chest. Arms deflated, legs softened. All very sad, very tragic. Poor me.

I’m going into my final semester at USC and I’ve been doing my due dilligence in regards to the proper way of getting back into the saddle. I don’t want to enter the entertainment industry as a fatass. No one wants that, actually.

Realistically, I’m not going to look the same as I did. I don’t have the time or the money to devote to supplements, gym memberships, etc. to get back there. I’m not willing to eat the same massive amounts of food because it’s just too expensive for me and not worth it. There are starving kids in Ethiopia and whatnot.

My realistic goals are to shed some bodyfat and regain a bit of strength.

I think it’s realistic to start getting back into steady state cardio (I’m in zero shape right now…the life of a professional writer…) and maybe start lifting weights three days a week. I’m willing to spend about $400 on some free weights to put in my garage. A bar, some weights. Maybe a bench - we’ll see how far I can stretch it.

As for diet…I need to get away from packaged food. Pasta has become the staple that replaced grilled chicken and tuna. That needs to change, obviously.

My question I’m posing is this:

Do I need to worry about plans, and routines, and diets, and all that jazz as soon as I start in? Or should I get my feet wet first, try to get my wind back, see if the weightlifting is going to make me miserable, and then after a few months see about getting into a macronutrient breakdown and a specific lifting plan?


baby steps man, baby steps. ease your way back into things - worry about the details later.

This is a great thread for anyone starting a home gym Homemade Fitness Equipment - Competitive Bodybuilding - Forums - T Nation

If I were you I would first work on regaining muscular endurance for a month or two then drop down to lower volume higher intenisty… I don’t think I really need to tell you this but also make sure you have all the stability/flexibility you should in all the right places before you get too serious again.

Sorry to hear about what happened too man, that truly flat out sucks, no other words for it. You’re a resilient dude - I used to suffer from some pretty intense migraines as well… Nothing like what you described though.

Good luck!

It’s been a weird road back, that’s for sure. I started walking this week. My first attempts at cardio in a long while. So far so good.

Priced some weights at Play it Again Sports. Not gonna be too bad.

I think you’re right about just getting to it and not fussing with the details. The thought of getting back into it is a bit daunting, and of course humbling. Being pretty strong and athletic one day, the next…not so much. And the motivation of having to squeeze into about 30 square inches of spandex four times a week isn’t staring at me every time I see a cookie.

Health and sexiness. I guess that’s all I have to motivate me now…