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Coming Back From Overtraining

Dear All,

The first question is - I have taken a loooong break in an attempt to recover from my overtrained body…you know, the usual symptoms, lethargy, fatigue and insomnia to name but a few…been outta the gym for almost 7 weeks now, have not done any kinda training (maintained my low-carb diet in an attempt to stay lean), lost something like 7 kgs cos body does not seem to hold onto muscle well in the absence of training…much leaner now, but feel really small.

Don’t feel as tired or as fatigued as before, but not sure if I am truly recovered yet cos I still find myself waking up at least twice every night. Hit da sack at 11pm (no problems going to sleep), then always wake up one hour later, then again at 2am again. I go right back to sleep, then wakeup to my alarm at 7.30am…

Is it okay for me to go back to the gym yet, inspite of my insomnia? Dunno if I am truly recovered yet…

Second question is - Assuming I am recovered or even partially recovered, will my body bounce back to it’s original state if I incorporate a less intense training program if the theory of muscle memory holds true?

Will I have to train as intensely? I understand that if recovering from an overtrained state, one should take precaution not to aggravate the condition by not going as hard…I used to train 100% intensity with all the compound movements, something like 5 days a week, one hr wokouts. Now, planning to go with a Mon, Wed and Fri approach with a higher rep range (8 - 10) with a moderate intensity.

Assuming my diet and rest is on track, will I be able to grow back without going all out?

Hope someone can help…

Yes it is okay to go back, and yes your body will bounce back.

It’s only been 7 weeks so if your diet has been okay you’re unlikely to have lost much if any muscle mass.

As you said, take it easy, design a smarter workout program and you’ll be fine.