Coming Back from Long Layoff

Instead of making excuses as to why I haven’t worked out in about 2 years I’ll just get to my question.

What would you guys recommend to get back into the swing of things? A little background info might help. I am not completely out of shape. I still play football on the weekends and work a labor intensive job. I used to work out and play sports all the time up until about 2 years ago. With that being said I was thinking of running the 5/3/1 for beginner and then switch it up. I like the beach body challenge but figure I’d do something else first.

I do also plan on getting the new Forever book in the near future. I have the first and second edition ones already.

Thank you

Do you know what your training maxes are?

I would say make sure you start very light and just run the original program for a couple cycles to see where your at.

Whenever I have come back from layoffs I always seem set my TM too high. Then I end up starting over after dropping it.

If your getting Forever you will be able to get things figured out fairly quick once you read it. It has several concepts in it that make sure you are never training with too high of a TM. It even has a prep program that is for beginners or people coming back after layoffs.

Get a max for the lifts
Take 80-85 for TM
5 progression for main lift
5x5 FSL for supplemental
25-75 for push, pull, single leg core each time you train.
Run 2-3 cycles and reassess
Forever is excellent. I own all the books. Best written , most useful, well worth the money. Buy it as soon as you can.

Here’s some encouragement

Muscle Memory: Sounds like bullshit broscience. Whether by CNS or peripheral adaptions or whatever physiological mechanisms that I’m nowhere near able to understand Muscle Memory is a thing.

You’re not starting from scratch. It’ll “come back” or at least your rate of gains will be amplified if you’re resuming lifting from a lower start point.

Gud luck

I imagine my maxes are way off from where they used to be so I’ll take a few days and try to figure them out.

That’s not a bad approach maybe I’ll give that a go. I’ve been wanting to get some single leg work in too. I’ve always left that out of my workouts. I’m going to order the book in the next day or two. Just wanted to jump into something for a few cycles before I get into it.

That’s definitely encouraging. Appreciate the links.

So it’s not necessary single leg, it’s a category.
Single leg,core.
The book explains in greater detail.
Doesn’t matter if your maxes are way off. That’s why you are starting again

Oh ok I got you. I’m more then likely going to order the book between today or tomorrow. I have the other two and really enjoyed them. From what I see this book is even better.