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Coming Back from Knee Problem


I have a reconstructed ACL, performed in 1989. Thoroughout the years, I've had a bakers cyst and posterior knee swelling that came and went. Since late May, this cyst would not go away. During exercise, the knee really didn't hurt but last week it was really bothering me. No one exercise is problematic but sometimes I would feel it when squatted deeply.

However, I have avoided leg curls since this might irritate the area. Its frustrating since I don't get any massive pain when exercising. The swelling and discomfort comes on when the knee "cools off" and especially when I've been sitting for an extended period . It is likely arthritis but how do you work around this?

I've taken a few days off from the gym and knee feels really good. Key question is how I should start up leg training again ? I'm concerned about going back to square one on this