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Coming Back from Injury, Cutting Fat

hey guys heading back to the gym after a 6month injury. ive gain a bit of fat that i want to lose. ive been lifting for 5years consistently before the injury. was wondering if i go on a cut to lose some fat can i still make hypertrophy gains??

i know you need a surplus to gain new muscle, but can u still hypertrophy previous muscle gained(like principle of “muscle memory”- as my fascia surrounding muscles already been stretched )

thanks guys

Anything can happen; some things are more likely than others.

You will readily put on muscle you previously had at an accelerated rate due to the higher amount of nuclei in your muscle cells from your years of training before the injury(satelite cells and all that science-stuff). Also, you won’t have to jack up your cals to ridiculous amounts in order to make quality gains because your body will now have a reason to make use of the nutrients you’re ingesting.

IMO, trying to cut the fat would be a waste of time. Go on a quality LBM gain, and I guarantee the adipose will magically go away in the process.


cheers for the advice bro yeh looking forward to some muscle memory