Coming Back From Injury, Anchor/Leader Set-Up

I injured my lower back about a month ago which limited me to light deadlifts and squats since then. I’m about at the point where I can return to deadlifting and squatting at full strength. I’ve been running 5s Pro with SSL for Press/Bench in the interim and was wondering how I should program when I can deadlift and squat again?

I’m running Leader/Anchor set ups and am about to transition into the Anchor phase for OHP and Bench while my Squat/DL will just be starting Leader. Should I be concerned about matching up my weeks so everything is in order? If so how should I go about that?

Generally speaking, you wouldn’t use Leader/Anchor when coming back from an injury. IN GENERAL, we use 5’s PRO, 5x5 @ FSL or SSL until the athlete is where he needs to be (bar speed, strength, confidence, control, stabilization). At this point, we can began modifying for individual needs.

So you run that until all post-injury goals are met.

Thanks Jim! I’ll run 5s pro on Squat and DL until I feel ready for a Leader/Anchor.