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Coming Back from Gastro Intestinal Complications


Hey guys, i've been lifting hard for about 10 and reading T-Nation for about 5 years now and have never really taken time off (accept vacations, illness, etc.). Recently i had to take off for the last about 2 months because of stomach problems.

Anyways, my question is if anybody knows the best way to jump back from something like this. I got back in the gym and took it easy on a couple lifts just to feel where im at and how much i've lost. i felt VERY weak and strangely unmotivated. Does ANYBODY have any good advice on certain trainging programs, how they keep themselves motivated, etc.


Hi there, I don't know what specific problems you had, but the last stomach issue I had was an ulcer. It killed appetite for me. I still went to the gym, but was extremely weak. I would lift light for more reps, not sure if that's a "good" strategy, but it was what I could do.

As my ulcer got better (lots of Greek yogurt), I pushed myself harder.

Not sure if that helps, but that was my only (knocks on wood) stomach problem.


Re: motivation, I've found it's psychologically hard to come back after a layoff, and under-perform in the gym, compared to previous levels you've achieved in the past.

IMO the most important thing for the average trainee is to (A) just show up at the gym and train your program (at your level you probably know what needs to be done) and (B) don't injure yourself that day. Don't miss workouts, and don't get hurt. Start with a beginner program if necessary, or a scaled back-version of your normal routine. Work out, even if you don't feel "motivated". You don't need to be "motivated" yet, you just need to be at the gym when you're supposed to, and do the workout you're supposed to do.

Try telling yourself that you're going to train for 3 months without missing any workouts, and without criticizing your own progress. At the end of 3 months, evaluate your situation, and then commit to another 3 months. Motivation is something that will grow over time, IMO.

I've never had a major illness but I've had work schedules or school interfere or completely interrupt my training for extended periods. It's like starting all over from scratch, but the good news is that you can make fast progress and get back to where you were, much quicker than it took the first time.


awesome guys, thanks! i've always ate yogurt, but the Greek stuff is alot better! i hope my strength comes back as fast i am anticipating with the workout im on. thanks again guys!