Coming Back from Double Amputation Below Knee

I am trying to figure out a workout after I learn to walk.

I am doing upper body complexes right now.

I will have access to a leg press and hack squat and I hope to develop enough balance to so a back squat. I don’t need to do calf exercises, because I don’t have any.

Any suggestions?

i’d be really very interested to hear about your progress if you would think about starting a log here. i have my feet… but it was a close call and i nearly had one amputated. sometimes i wonder… if i would actually be better off without my feet. i have almost no ankle dorsiflexion or plantarflexion. i can’t run. i hear some people run pretty good with prosthetics. be interested to hear how you find squats, in particular.

how about bands? wrapping one end around your thigh and one end around something immobile. might be able to manouver yourself in a way so that it is more comfortable for you to work hard while you are getting used to prosthetics etc.

i’m not sure about that… i’ve heard it can take a while to get used to bearing weight with them. blisters and tenderness etc at the junction of yourself and the prosthetic. might take some time before you are in the position to load that up. so trying to think of exercises you can do that won’t make that any harder but will still give you a good workout.

Hi Buddy,

Do you like bike riding? I once rode in a group with a lower leg amputee. Im not sure how it would go with 2, but I think it should be possible.
Riding a bike is great! Gets you out in the sun and is a social thing aswell.

Good luck kiddo, the bird is on your side.

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