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Coming Back from a Month Off


I recently moved and started a new career, and it took me about 5 weeks to find a decent gym. The year prior to this layoff I was in great shape, did Thib's last 3 workouts, I Bodybuilder, High Performance Mass, and started working on his Star Complexes this spring. Other than going for a few short runs I haven't done anything in the last month, have gained almost 10 lbs and feel, obviously, weak and fat.

I want to restart the Star Complex program, but I feel that I should spend 2 or 3 weeks getting back into lifting before doing so. Any recommendations? I joined a gym and went this morning for the first time, doing 2 super sets of squats/over head press and dead lifts/bench press, trying to keep it simple and light (did 3 sets of each, 6-8 reps).

I'm also going to start doing about 30 min of cardio/day to help lose the weight. Any advice for people who've experienced this would be great. This is the first break like this I've taken since I started lifting seriously 3 years ago.


i would think 2 or 3 weeks "getting back into" it is a little excessive. id take the first couple sessions to gauge strength levels and go from there.


No more than one week. After 5 weeks of almost no training it took me three days to start hitting PRs again.


My strength is always very good after a layoff, but I still hold back just a bit as the coordination involved in certain movements seems to get a bit 'rusty'. Instead of doing a 4 or 5 day split, I'd suggest a 2 or 3 day breakdown, lower volume, and don't push too hard (no PR attempts!). In a week or two you'll be back in the feel of things.



Thanks, you guys were right. I felt pretty weak and off in the coordination department for the first week. After a week I wasn't hitting my PR's though, took more like 2 or 3 weeks to get back to those. I lose it quick I quess.


10lbs in a month is pretty bad. I think you should prioritize getting diet into check over training.


I think if you gain or maintain weight during a layoff, you'll have no issues returning to your old lifts quickly.

Conversely, I think if you lose weight during a layoff, it will take you time to return to full strength.


I think you'll be fine. Just take the first few sessions to assess where you're at and then get back on track.