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Coming Back After Multiple Concussions


Hey Jim,

Ive experienced about 3 concussions in the course of about 4 months. It all started in rugby on I think March 14(and i think a mild concussion about 2 weeks before), where the doc diagnosed me with a fairly severe concussion, and told me to take 1 and a half moths off of contact sports. i did just that, and signed up for football season, which started june 8th as soon as i was clear. Low and behold, i get a concussion again. I take 1 month off anf feel fully recovered.

I train for about a month again with weights and running, feeling no symptoms and feeling awesome, but on about September 16th or so, something I did at the gym messed me up once again(I think it was the numerous touch and go deadlifts in which I had very little control on the eccentric, something I had never done before since i always control my deads) and my symptoms all come back. Recovery this time around is much longer, and its just started to get better.

I dont want to go straight in and get hurt once again, which is why I'm asking you. How would I restart my training, in a way that wouldnt once again hurt my head, and when could I get back on lifting heavy and intense workouts?


Having come from a university department that featured a couple of big time concussion researchers, see a doctor and get properly evaluated. Don't fuck with your brain or take it lightly because you only get one.


Agreed. I'm also a rugby player and recently had my 4th concussion (not all from rugby though). Go to a doctor, preferably a sports med doctor, and do absolutely everything he tells you to.

Better to take months off now, than years later.


I started to appreciate my brain after my second concussion, when I couldn't read a sentence without forgetting it for about two days lol. I know the classic rest, wait two weeks till you're symptom free, start with light aerobics type advice, but I'm asking Jim how to come back to training safely, and how to reach the ability to intensely weight train again.


I've had 8 concussions and thankfully mine usually cleared up in a week.

Either see a sport medicine specialist (one of my concussion researching professors is one) or a neurologist.


Gotta see a doc about this - in no way am I qualified to give medical advice.

Good luck and stay healthy.