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Coming Back After Layoff

Hey guys, I just discovered this site about 3 weeks ago and I was inspired to get back into shape after a long layoff. Started last week but I hit a serious snag this week when I tore my MCL(playing raquetball of all things). Won’t need surgery but no serious activity with the injured leg for at least 4 weeks and probably 6.

I was wondering if there was anything you guys could recommend for the time being b/c this is seriously frustrating. I’m grateful for any help you guys can offer.

Chins, dips, benches and rowing for starters.

Since you are just getting into it, maybe you can get away with doing bodyweight leg work for now? You really want to be sure its okay though before you do.

Also, it has recently been suggested that you could work the uninjured leg and expect to help stop atrophy of the injured leg.

Heal up, six weeks isn’t a long time in the big picture!

Vroom, thanks for the help. I plan on really hitting my upper body muscles heavily for now until I can include some leg work. Work the uninjured leg to prevent the injured leg from getting worse? I’ll have to do a little research about that. Again I really appreciate the help.

vrooms right. A lot of pro bb’s have talked about doing this while recovering from surgery or any kind of injury. By trainning the uninjured limb the injured one gets stimulated but I forget why.