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Coming Back After Injury


Well it has been a while... But i'm back. I hurt my shoulder pretty bad, almost broke my wrist, and damn near had my legs ripped off... How??? doesn't matter...

Here is the come back..


front bi


back bi


lat spread... sad i know


side tri


side bi


most muscle


Nice traps.

How long were you off training due to injury?


I was out for 4 months. My weight has changed a ton. I'm currently at 233 lbs. I was at 260 before, and dropped to 224.

Thanks. They are my best feature! ha ha ha



back bi looks amazing! how about the legs?
Good work dude : )

Your Swede


How do you train them?


Impressive, esp the back double bi, the separation in the back is very nice. But, honestly, your overall development is very good IMHO.

What do you think your weak point is? Everyone knows their own body better.


3rd pic looks fkn hyuuge, are you supplimenting?? o_O


Upper looks excellent, with good level of bodyfat, but can't tell lower. However calves look like they are behind.

7 since anybody and their mother can develop upper body but wheels are the dealbreaker now. Calves, Hams and Quadriceps for the X look.


You look like you deadlift, nice work..what do your lifting numbers look like?


legs are behind... no work for a long time.

Numbers, squat is really sad now, only 405.
Dead is 600ish.. 585, but i wanna say 600 becuase it went up pretty easy.
Bench is 385ish. I wanna say 405, but my spotter grabbed it when i grunted. Trying again later tonight. So yeah.



you should get some youtube videos of your lifts


well those numbers are still pretty damn good, especially the squat, considering how tall you are..

bet you'll be back up to speed in no time :smiley:

EDIT: and i second shizen's post, i would also like to see some videos, are those lifts in kg? :stuck_out_tongue:


The lifts are in lbs. Are you kidding about kilo's! That would be insane! Maybe someday, if all i have to do is eat and lift, but with school and a social lift... no way! As for videos.. I'll work on finding someone with a camera that takes videos. Get back to ya'll soon on those.


8, if you can come back from an injury and get back into working out, you are special. I know lots of people who seperate a shoulder or tear a muscle playing football, or lifting, and they don't even try after they recover! It just makes my irate! U are a diamond in the rough