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Coming Back After Forced Layoff

4 month forced layoff from consistent lifting.
got back into it around May. Getting back into the swing of things.
No real programming.
No percentages.
High reps and “heavy” (for me) weight.
1-2 top sets to failure. basically 5-10 rep range.
Once I hit 12 or 10 with a certain weight it’s time to increase the pound ages.
I may throw in rest pause and drop sets here and there.
Conditioning 1-2x a week (sprinting / weighted carries)
I do ancillary work (curls, leg ext., etc.)
work schedule is crazy, so I get them in whenever. it’s rarely a Mon We’d Fri type deal.

Split right now :

Chest / Back ;
Bench - top set 5-10
Bent Rows / Chest Supported / weighted pull-ups - top set 5-10
incline Db - top set of 10-12
DB row - 1x20+

Legs A -
squat - top set
stiff leg - top set

Legs B
deadlift - top set of 2-3
machine plate loaded squat - 3x20

Shoulder / Tri
Standing Db press - top set
Close Grip - top set
Side raises shrugs, etc.

last three days of lifting -

Shoulders and Triceps
standing Db press - up to 60x8
close grip bench - 205x6 , 205x5
side raise, rear raise , push down circuit x until the pump was unbearable lol

Chest and Back -
Bench - up to 225x6
Chest supported row - 3plate x 12
Incline Db - 80 x 10
Db Row - 100 x 25

Leg -
Squat - to 275 x 11
Stiff Leg Deadlift - 315 x 10
Nautilus 1 legged leg press x 100 reps

shoulders / tris

standing db press
70 x 10 pr
70 x 7

close grip bench
205 x 7
205 x 6

circuit x 4
db shrugs
side laterals
push downs

hiit on stairs

chest / back

Bench -
to 225 x 6.5 (f’n spotter robbed me of a 7th rep)

Incline Db -
to 90 x 5

Weighted Pullip -
25 x 5
40 x 6

Bent Rows -
185 x 10
185 x 10

One of those days where It was iron vs. me and the iron kicked my ass.

had to take a little more than a week off due to some traveling and work. squeezed some conditioning in though.

today /

top set of 405x3

Leg Press
top set of 6 per side x 18

Leg curl strip set

wanted to front squat after deadlifts but no rack was available. oh well. Ill stick with high rep heavy leg presses from now on after deadlifts, there’s something about a purple face , screaming quads and eyes popping out of your socket that I enjoy .

chest back

bench press
top set of 225 x 7

165 x 11

pec deck
3 sets of 12

bent over rows
225 x 8
225 x 6

weighted pull-ups
25 x 6
25 x 5, body x fail

trap bar carries x 40 yards

last pressing workout was total shit. no need to log it

yesterday -
worked to 315 x 5

stiff leg deadlift
to 315 x 10

leg extensions s/s body weight lunges
3 sets of 20-30

worked to 145 x 4

close grip bench -
205 x 10
205 x 7

circuit x 4 non stop
Db press x 10
side raise x 10
upright rows x 10

315 x 3
365 x 3
405 x 3

Front Squats
185 x 5
185 x 5

Leg Curls strip set

Hanging Leg Raises
sets of 10

405 is back to moving pretty fast and easy, so I’ll increase weight next time around.
Front Squats are hard as shif and I suck at them. I think I’m going to change things up.

squats / stiff legs
presses / triceps
deadlifts / front squats
back / traps
benching / biceps

this way I’m going to squat every 4-5 days
and press every 6 days
I’m gonna like the back sessions when I can hit rows chins and trap bar carries with 200% intensity
Not gonna train 5 x a week obviously.
Still going to hit shit hard and heavy balls to the wall
I’ll give this a run for a while see how it fits with the un predictable working schedule