Coming Back After an Injury Time Out

Hey y’all, I’m brand new to the forums here but I’m a long time reader of T-Nations articles and I’ve read 5/3/1 second edition. I’ve been doing 5/3/1 off and on for about two years now with great success. I’ve never run into having to take more than a day or two off for injury, which as you all know doesn’t derail your training much if any.

However, I was just forced to take 7 days off from everything due to having a femoral heart catheter. I lucked out because the week I missed is a deload week. When I return should I start with the deload week I missed then continue my normal training cycle or jump straight back into a heavy week? Any help is much appreciated. I’m leaning towards a deload week but I’d like to hear your thoughts. Thanks in advance.

Hope you’re recovered from the procedure well man.

I’d take the extra deload, no-one ever got weak in a week.


I feel great now. Thanks for the advice. I believe that’s what I’ll do.

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