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Coming Back After A Break


Hi guys. ive been on a break from training for about 6 weeks and i wanted to know which program to start out on. would you guys recommend total body training or a split of some kind.
Until my break i was trying to lean down and managed quiet well to some extent. i was thinking whether to keep on leaning out and how this would influence which program to choose. would the most optimal solution for this be a 3 day tbt routine combined with 3 cardio days?


What type of serious lifter takes 6 weeks off? Did you just finish the Olympia? You came in with the gold at the Olympics?


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Professor X. Get a life dude...


I have one. I also lift weights seriously so I don't take 6 week long breaks for no reason. That's called QUITTING, not "taking a break".


Wow i really like the way you mention that you lift weigths SERIOUSLY. You try way to hard to fit in.

To all you others whom it may concern it was a forced break due to being abroad. Any advice would be much appreciated :).


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I took a break for around 2 years, due to medical followed by physical problems. I started back with a 3 day split for a few weeks, then upped it to 4 days, followed by 5.

Forget taking breaks, make the most of your time because something can come along and enforce a lay off when you least expect it.


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We have one...

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The most I've taken off was 5 days. It would kill me not to be in the gym for 6 weeks.

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I'm back in the gym after healing from a few serious injuries (took over a year to heal), and I am using the New Rules Of Lifting by Schuler and Cosgrove. The break-in program (4 weeks) is pretty tame looking, however, after that much time away it kicked my ass -- in a good way.

I am in the fat-loss I section now, and it is pretty challenging as I used to take as much time between sets as I felt was necessary. About 2-3 minutes on average. Cosgrove has 60 second rests; yes I time them! Before my injuries I had been in the gym consistently for 9 years.

Anyhow, enough of my yammering! Yes, I think a great way (there is no best) to get back into the workouts is a 3 x week TBT. You can pretty much use any of them, but do stick to the basics and big lifts and give your ligaments and joints enough time before you go pounding on them with the heavy weights.

Good luck.


Thanks morph.
seeing as how i am an endomorph i can never seem to figur out the whole bulking and cutting thing.
isnt it dangerous to be in caloric defecit muscle wise for a long time? any insigth as to the maximal period of time one should attempt to lean out before losing too much mass?


Come on now..we all know that lifting is too hard when you have to work or take classes...or Gasp! have to work and take classes at the same time! Let alone traveling abroad...I mean who posts in a bodybuilding forum but the "hardcore." Even hardcore motherfuckers can't train while "abroad."

/end sarcasm

OP, other posters are quite correct in that there is ever rarely a good reason to take 6 weeks off. Life tends to throw curveballs (yes even those of us who are dedicated lifters have one) so why leave the gym? I've worked out whilst working 40 hours a week (8-4am) and taking 15 credits. I worked out after getting back in from 12 hour missions where I was up in the turret the entire time. Others here have done more incredible things.

Assholish comments begat assholish comments...but nastiness aside, in the future I'd find ways to workout regardless of you happen to be. I.E. research gyms in the areas you will be staying ahead of time or come up with some "prison" routines that can be done in a hotel room. Vacations are nice and all..but six weeks is a fairly long time to go without seeing a gym if you're dedicated.




LOL. I've been here for nearly ten years. I am willing to bet I have accomplished more than you have in that time. Any takers?


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The 8 months I was forced to take off last year (due to severe elbow and knee tendinitis) was depressing.

Over the years (in my youth), I've been injured and was forced into long layoffs. Every time it sucked, and when it was time to return, it was like trying to start a cold engine 50 yards short of the starting line.

I have no advice for the OP, except lay off the Professor and just get back to the gym.


well "the professor" is destroying the thread. its amazing how much shit you have to get just for asking a sencere question.
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I've gained almost 100 lbs in that time. A good amount of it muscle too. We seem to be on the same pace. But I was also entering 8th grade ten years ago and barely scratching above 100lbs at 5'8'' - 5'9'' haha :wink:.