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Coming Back after 5 Year Layoff - Want to Run Ideas by the Experts

History - I was training MAX-OT between 2002 and 2015, before that it was effectively pre-internet and a lot of hit and miss training + diet so disorganized it’s cringeworthy. Never did a cut and walked around at 28-29% bodyfat at 5’11" and 260lbs. 2015 decided to take a break from training to let some injuries heal, and last year I fully rehabbed my left rotator cuff (and brought my uninjured right cuff up to full strength).

Today - at 233lbs, 24.5% bf and dropping.

What I want: Bring up my lagging upper arms -

At its peak in 2015, my right arm was 18.1" pumped. Left was about 17.6". Versus a (then) 51" chest, you can imagine they looked like twigs. On top of crappy arm genetics, my weak RC prevented any heavy benching or OH work. Suffice to say it’s a lot less than that today, and I still have the V-shape (hooray for muscle memory!) but the plan is as follows:

  1. Train upper arms Mo + We + Fr for the first month to the exclusion of all other bodyparts, so as to hopefully get the “Bicep boy” effect of all the protein and rest shuttling to one bodypart, before the rest of my body grabs it later;

  2. Training to and beyond failure (drop sets, half reps etc) especially on Fridays;

  3. Cross-body curls to bring up the Brachialis, which I’d never targeted with any hammer curl isolation,

  4. High volume, as I’d never strayed from MAX-OT’s rep 4-6 range, but the great Jeff Cavaliere informs us that occasionally, you need to dip into 20 reps to get that last 20% of results (how the hell I didn’t know this until now is staggering!)

  5. OH work I could never do before, ie incline DB extension, OH Tricep (Pushaway) extensions, plus exercises I’d never done like Incline kickbacks, along with the standard staples of BB Curl, Tricep Pushdown.

Looking forward to informed opinions on how to tweak the plan. I may extend from 1 month to three if the results roll in strongly.

Nothing to add but be curious to see pictures from your prime. Making 18” arms seem small is both extremely sad to me and makes me extremely curious lol

I’d set your training up something like this…

Personally I would do this like just once a fortnight, and also if really want to ‘nuke your gunz’ then hit them with tons of volume, short rest periods and focus on sequencing and contraction. basically this…

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Good stuff bro, I will analyze those articles. Glad you agree about high volume, still feeling guilty I never knew about it before.

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John just put this out: pump =yowzer!..