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Coming Back After 3 Months. No Idea Where to Even Look

Hello everyone,

I used to be a big fan of lifting weights. I started with doing crossfit, then added Greyskull LP and then switched purely to Greyskull LP for pure strength. I was a beginner so my numbers arent that significant to mention, but I think i had the diet down and was making slow but steady progress, felt great and looked good .

Starting June, I started a dream in completely new industry, completely inexperienced, in a new country with no friends. I was under constant stress and was trying to socialize as much as possible, so having lunch with colleagues, beers after work, party hard during weekends. I kind of did this intentionally, as for me it was important, so it’s not like I completely fell of the train, as it was an intentional decision.

but now, 3 months later, its time to get back to working out !

Thing is, i need to lose a big of weight first, ideally between 5-10 kilos. I started jogging in the morning, 3x a week. Now my dilemma, is whether to start crossfit classes or do a proper bodybuilding routine. Reason why this is important to me, is the kind of gym I will sign up to, either a crossfit gym, or a regular gym.

Benefits of crossfit gym, is the teacher (more motivation) good equipment and ideal for losing weight.
Benefit of regular gym is the price, and thats the only thing I can think of

Fellas, what would you recommend to someone, who wants to start getting back in shape after 3 months of neglecting his body ? Im sure some of you have been here - what tips would you give me ? thanks !

Do what you like.

Just do it.



Get off the internet.


I second @JFG. If your goal is general fitness, choose whichever one you enjoy and will be able to stick to more consistently

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Generally, choosing the sustainable path is yoir best option. Pick what you want to do in the long term and work towards that. 5 weeks to pack on muscle or similar gimmicks are best left to the suckers.

stopping this should be your first step and then realizing that you did this crap on purpose . what kind of dream forces you to party hard on the weekends? Just curious.

I went from being a miserable lawyer into video game design in one of the top companies in the world, with 0 experience.

Shit, let’s talk about this instead… That actually sound pretty awesome.

I think you’ll be fine once you re-prioritize your schedule.

Personally, I like to think of my GPP as a pyramid; the biggest block is for strength training (heavy reps in the 4-6 range), the middle block the “look good neked” block (That’s your higher rep beach muscle work), and finally the top block is conditioning.

If your priority is those 10-20kg then you’re going to have to spend time in the kitchen too. I have been loosely following CTs advice here:

I can honestly say I already feel a lot better from it.

That kitchen thing is clutch. If you have a tight schedule, learn to cook a lot of foods that can be frozen and then just heated right back up and learn how to really pack a freezer good.

Protein smoothies with whatever healthy options thrown in there custom tailor made for your goals can be a life saver too. Invest in a good blender. There really is a big different in quality and power between cheapos and a good Osterizer or whatever good brand.

Less than 20g of carbs a day ? That sounds just insane

Lol, no. I meant read the thread. I’m not sure why that’s quoted.

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I was wondering why I got quoted. Lol

One of those things, I suppose; I feel really good that restricted and don’t have cravings like I do trying to manage a typical diet.