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Coming Back After 2 Shoulder Surgeries


I'm currently cutting at 5'9 185 21% I'm currently doing these two routine every other day and on off days I do my core workout then after I do hour of cardio either on the treadmill or out riding bike

Also this program is geared towards home training dumbbells only and also rehabing my shoulders which both have had surgery last year

I do dynamic stretching before and static stretching after

A) Dumbbell Lying Shoulder External Rotation 3x12
B) Lying Y- Shoulder Raise 3X12

C) Arnold Press 3X12
D) Hammer Grip Pullups 3X12

E) 60? Incline Dumbbell Bench Press 3X12
F) Incline Bench Dumbbell Rows 3X12

G) Dumbbell Squat 3X12
H) Dumbbell Stiff Leg Deadlift 3X12

I) Prone Incline Curl 3X12
J) Incline Triceps Extension 3X12

K) Reverse Curl 3X12
L) Wrist Curls Behind The Back 3X15

A) Seated Dumbbell Cleans 3X12
B) Lying T Raises 3X12

C) Dumbbell Floor Press 3x12
D) Palm Rotational Row 3X12

E) Dumbbell Incline Shoulder Raise 3X12
F) Middle Back Shrug 3X12

G) Dumbbell Side Lunge 3X12
H)Standing One Leg Calf Raise 3X20

I) Zottman Curl 3X12
J) Two Hand Bent Over Triceps Extension 3X12

A) Standing Dumbbell Side Bends 3X30
B) Standing Dumbbell Russian Twist 3X30

C) Plank 3X30 seconds
D) Lying Leg Raise 3x15

E) Lower Abdominal Hip Roll 3X30
F) Supermans 3X20


Thanks for sharing!


I'm trying to get advice


Heh, lol. The guy was trying to be a smart ass. You need to add one of these to your post: ?.



If you want advice ask for it. As markdp said the "?" also works.

How about a little more info like your age, training age, types of surgery, did you do PT, are you now doing PT, and how long ago was the surgery?


And if you have pictures of your wife or girlfriend, sans clothing, please post those as well.


lol my bad people... I'm 29... both surgeries took place last year they were both for slap and rotator cuff repair... I injured them at work on two separate occasions... yes I did pt and am all done at least I'm done as far as workmans comp is concerned... for the last couple months I've been doing multiple sets of different body weight exercises and cardio and now I feel I'm ready to jump into free weights... so my question is is this routine efficient and intelligent of course with in my parameters listed in my first post... thank you