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sorry for writing a letter with a lot of spelling errors. sorry. i did not think it would get posted. ill just write a new letter instead. i am 17 years old. i have been lifting since 15. the past summer i lifted my ass off. i made great results. weight increased to 175 on a 5’10 frame. i havent lifted in 5 months. also, i did not eat enough to maintain my weight. i had school,work,friends,girls,just got driven lis. so lifting wasnt really on my mind. but since i lost like 20 pounds of hard earned muscle, i am really upset. i just want to know if it should be easy to gain my lost muscle back pretty quickly without haven to eat like i did this summer,more then the diet i have listed below. i started this past monday. this is my diet. breakfast i have 2 eggs and glass of milk, then at school lunch i bring my own lunch,which is tuna,milk,yogurt,and some chunk food. when i get home i take a half gallon of milk and drink it,not all at once which is like impossible, but throughout the afternoon. i eat maybe some snacks or something. after i lift i have 2 servings of methoxypro. for dinner chicken,steak,anything. later i take a serving of methoxypro. on mon and thurs i work at a resturant after school and can eat for free. i usually eat a whole piazza pie along with chicken breasts and hamburgers. right there is a lot of calories. then i get home and lift at night. what do u think of my diet? i plan on lifting 4 to 5 times a week. my goal is to get back to my normal strength and body weight. i will post another letter on my results in about a month. i am sorry for my spelling and grammer on my last letter. hope this is better even though i dont use capital letters. thanx

your diet sucks. unless you are really lean, like 8% bodyfat or lower, you will add a lot of fat with that diet. 2 eggs and a glass of milk is not breakfast. you will gain the muscle back faster if you clean up your diet, eat more food, and lift. on top of that, you’ll be building good habits for the future. good luck.

Dude your diet is really crap,you’ll just be a fat ass.Read through some of the archives here and you’ll see that your diet sux ass.

um Scott dude i am a teen. k i cant gain fat. i have 5% fat i already have put on 5 pounds and actualy a appear to have more veins popping out then i did when i startd.

Step #1: Go to school every day.
step #2: Go to English class at least twice a day. Until you graduate High School.

Step #3: Read all the articles in T-mag starting from issue one.

Step #4: Don’t post on this board anymore until you’ve completed the first 4 steps.

and step 5 is get YOUR ass off the message board, loser.

Have A Nice Day.

Dude, the only way to do it is to read through this site. I’ve read this site for almost a year (only recently gotten a membership to a gym so I can put all this stuff (aka knowlege) spinning around in my head to use. Wish I had more $ and I’d buy Biotest out, lol. Anyway, what you want is someone to give you quick advice. So here it comes. Mutiply your weight by 20. 3500 calories per day. WRITE DOWN what you eat every day, every meal. How much Protein/Carbs/Fat you get. Don’t eat/drink sugar (drop the Dew, dude). Complex Carbs, Lean Meat, more lean meat, Good Fat (Omega 3). Work muscle groups 5 days a week(Chest/Back…Quads/Hams…Traps/Shoulders…Biceps/Triceps…Abs/low back/calves/forearms (concentrate on strength not size. Now, while you’re doing the above, read and Understand (!) the articles I post in a few minutes.

Here are the links you should read:
Strength Training, Bodybuilding & Online Supplement Store - T NATION

Strength Training, Bodybuilding & Online Supplement Store - T NATION

Strength Training, Bodybuilding & Online Supplement Store - T NATION

Hope I helped. This is a cool website. Most people on the boards are cool (possible exception would be “English Teacher”)

your diet certainly sucks a relatively large amount of dick. I would suggest eating the same things day in, day out with a great multivitamin. your diet is so unbelievably eratic it is impossible to even guestimate the ratios of macronutrients or the calories eaten. write down a daily diet and follow it for about 4200 calories a day, 700 calories a meal, 6 meals a day.

As one interested in the preservation of the English language, I must say that your new post is a healthy step in the right direction, and I, for one, am gratified that SOMEONE has had the intestinal fortitude to own up to their grammatical shortcomings and do something about them. So good for you! (However, some capitalization wouldn’t hurt…)