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the most recent thread was cut off last april. anyone on here still into comics?

i'm following the... following:

the boys
walking dead


Ya I love them. Currently reading

Uncanny X-Force
Uncanny X-men
X-men Schism
Fear Itself (shit)
The Mighty Thor
The Avengers
New Avengers
Walking Dead

Out of DC's new 52 I'm gonna read Superman, Batman and the Justice League.


I forgot all about Irredeemable!! I only read a few issues at the store but I like it. if Incorruptible is a spinoff as wiki says then i'm all over that too.

I got the new batman and justice league. will read them soon as I finish Secret Six.


In no particular order:

The Darkness
Broken Trinity
The Uncanny X-Force
Various X-Men titles and story lines in trade paperback.

Fathom (Anything Michael Turner has done i'll buy)
A ton of discontinued Image/Top Cow comic titles in TPB.


Anyone reading X-men Schism? Opinions? To be honest so far I think its awful. The idea of a bunch of rich 12 year olds taking over the Hellfire Club and then taking down some of the X-mens biggest hitters is frankly ridiculous. Also Quentin Quire is a dreadful character and I wish Wolverine would just cut his face off.