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Comics: From Panel to Screen


Thought many of you would enjoy this photo article.

Shows many of the screen adaptations of comic book characters, obviously some more sucessful than others.


Any that they missed? Post 'em.


They forgot the Dolph Lundgren version of The Punisher.


Yes, this was a real movie.


This guy was signing autographs at Wonder-Con yesterday.


I think we all did.


Or tried.


Road to Perdition
I forgot that was based on a comic.
Excellent Film

Alan Moore adaptations made so far could have been soooo much better.
I'm really hoping and praying for Watchmen.


Rorschach is fucking awesome!


After looking through all of those clips (58 I think?),.. it does make you realize how some casting has just turned on to be spot-on, even if you may not have thought it was before watching the films, and other adaptations has just be atrocious.

Watchmen should be very interesting to see how the film plays out, not for people new to the story, but for folks who grew up with the book, and have these pretty well forumulated ideas of who the characters are in their own heads.