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Comic Idea


As some few of you may know, I used to do a web comic with the unfortunate anniversary of September 11th. I've been planning to start a new one on a different date, but I needed to have a good idea. I think I've got one, so I'm going to run it past you guys and see what people think. My goal here is to create a basic scenario that is such a complete train wreck, it's funny all by itself.

Justin Guarini, the singer who lost to Kelly Clarkson on the last episode of American Idol's first season, has finally figured out that he isn't going to be a singing superstar. So as a backup plan, he started supporting himself as a pro skateboarder, and finally saved up enough money to go back to college. Since he's not exactly rich (he's a bad professional skateboarder), he needed to get a couple roommates to help cover expenses, and now he's living with Great Cthulhu and an infinite number of monkeys.

In the typical crazy-roommate fashion, Justin must frequently thwart the efforts of Cthulhu to take over the world, and assist the monkeys in cleaning up their latest well-intentioned mess... all while doing his homework and skating professionally and trying to choose a major. See, the comic should also be educational and inspiring, like "Full House"; after all, the Olsen twins are kind of like monkeys, and Bob Saget is kind of like Justin Guarini, and I think Candace Cameron was really Cthulhu in disguise. Which is what drove Kirk Cameron insane.

Any and all opinions are invited...


Great idea!

Anything that portraits the Great Cthulhu is a good thing!

Why go for the lesser evil, if you can have the ultimate evil!

Just don't tell tuffloud. :wink:



Oh, you always like my ideas. :wink:

I've been thinking about this a little more, and I think it would be particularly amusing if the monkeys were Linux kernel developers. Basically, they hack the Linux kernel all day, and every so often they go and bid on a government contract. When they win a bid, they get paid tremendous amounts of money, then spend most of it on a well-intentioned plan to improve the world. Being monkeys, they never get it right, and Justin always ends up having to help them clean up the mess... which takes up most of the rest of the money. So in the end, they just have enough to cover their share of the groceries and rent for a few months.

Meanwhile, Cthulhu is just wandering around being foul-tempered and evil, with occasional episodes of gathering a small army of inbred morons from some backwater area of the world. At some point, maybe we'll find out that he supports himself by selling Beanie Babies on eBay or something similarly effeminate.


I can just imagine Cthulu stomping around the kitchen rumbling "Somebody's been stealing my peanut butter again".


fucking AWESOME hahahaha


Great Ideas!! I realy hope you continue on with this. I'd check it out, I'm already a web comic addict.



Coming soon......Necronomicon: The Musical.
Or maybe have Abdul Alhazred show up in the strip as the clerk at the local 7-11.

Anything referencing H.P. Lovecraft I'm all for.