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Patricia’s post about the new spiderman movie got me thinking about my old comic book collection.(which I sold while in university for about $30) I collected only a select few, but I had almost every issue of the ones I did. My collection basically consisted of Conan, savage sword of Conan, X-men, Thor, Jonah Hex, punisher, and a few others I can’t think of right now. I can honestly say that the biggest reason I am involved in weight training today is because of those comic books. As a kid I wanted so bad to look like Conan or Wolverine. In fact everything important in my life can be attributed in some way to my love of comics. I took up combative sports, played football and became a firefighter because of my desire to do something somewhat heroic like the comic book heroes. I first became interested in pitbulls as a breed in part because they look like comic book drawings. My wife looks like a female comic book hero. I spent much of my time as a kid day dreaming about doing heroic deeds. I guess my point is that comic books have had a very positive influence on my life and I’m wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience.

You could use Magneto as your handle :slight_smile: (you know, magneto=magnus) I only use Drax because he was an ogre & lifted Thor’s hammer over his head. It would be cool to do something like that.

Great post, magnus! I’m gonna have to really add to this thread once I get home. Cuz, as you may know, I have ALOT to say!! I LOVE comics - here I am, a grown woman who LOVES to still read comics! woo hoo!

No. Not me - I was never too much into comics. However, there are several cool characters I really like. Lothar, Mandrake the Magician’s assistant, for example… Java the Neanderthal, Marty Mystery’s companion… or The Incredible Hulk, to name but few. The reasons are obvious. :slight_smile:

I might be going on a limb here, but I’d say that Drax, Thanos, and Tony Stark all have a comic-book influence on their handles … And look at me - clearly I’m geek enough to get their references!Personally, I’ve never tried for the “Comic book” look, though being built like Thanos (esp. issues 8 and 10 of Warlock and the Infinity Watch) would rock. Talk about respect. 9 out of 10 girls prefer the Spider Man look though. I have one gal friend who practically drools over how “bendy” he would be (she’s a rough-rider in the sack). Crap. I’m 26, and I can remember specific comics by issue … I suck.

Did you just say you had almost every issue of X-Men? and you sold them for how much???

I love the XMen, but my favorite of all time was ElfQuest. Sure, it's elves and wolves, but it is an AWESOME story! Well, awesome at the beginning, it kind of faded off at the end (I think) My all time comic book 'hero' was Nightfall, she's a t-vixen is I ever saw one! Rogue is second... but a solid second.

Woah, Drax lifted Thor’s hammer??? When they fought (Infinity Crusade), Drax was not able to move it - even with the power gem. The only ones I’ve seen move the Mallet (other than the Thor Corps) are the Destroyer, Silver Surfer, and Capt. America.

Drax lifted it overhead! 2 hands Continental & press style! & Thor was just standing there with this shocked look on his face. :0

Definitely. Of course I always post batman, but that’s had a lot of things I can relate to (I used to run around in spandex, but the manager at Mcdonalds let me go). But he’s also had the Ideal build for me. Conan of course, but what guy doesn’t want to be massively built, perform heroic deeds, and get laid often?

Quickly, some new names have been added to the guest list for the Comic Con International in San Diego:

JUST ADDED! Jason! Chip Kidd! Kevin Nowlan! J. Michael Straczynski!

MAD-men Al Feldstein, Frank Jacobs, and George Woodbridge!

PLUS ... TODD McFARLANE Exclusive Comic-Con appearance (his first comics convention in 4 years!)

Gonna be a good comic con this year. Maybe I'll ask Todd about the "whassup" with the next Spawn movie? Hmmm.

What are your top 5 ONGOING series your collecting right now?

I’ve been out of the comics loop for a while now, but they were definitely a huge influence on me when I was growing up. And I too sold my collection to (partially) pay my way through college.

Now, it’s been like 2 1/2 months since I checked my box at the local comic book shop. But, here goes: Top 10 - GREAT team book. Good art, fantastic story. Little Red Hot: Bound - again, great art and compelling story. Drawn and written by a woman (yeah, babee). Fray - Josh Whedon’s story about future vampire slayer, Melaka Fray. Age of Bronze - mostly about The Trojan War. Wow. Beautiful B&W art. ANYTHING published by Humanoids Publishing. Beautiful art (this is where Moebius got his start and they also began “Heavy Metal” magazine), well-written reads. I should also mention that I like Crossgen’s books and Origins by Marvel, which was about the origins of Wolverine.

I also usually take a look at several of the Eisner nominees every year.

Tommyboy to Magnus-
I had the Conan thing going on too. I got my first issue of Savage Sword when I was in 5th grade. I’ve collected and read them ever since. Too bad they dropped the title. Those books were my biggest artistic influence. Mostly John Buscema, Ernie Chan, Gary Kwopisz (spelling), Alfredo Alcala. I found throught the years I’ve gravitated to that sort of art style in my own work as an artist. Also Conan influenced me to work out as, looking like a hulking barbarian is kinda cool. God I miss those books. Still have all my old ones though.

Have any of you read Doc Savage.
He was a pulp fiction hero of the thirties. Many of his powers (he worked out two hours every day) and devices were to appear later used by other heroes.
Arnold was planning to make a Doc Savage film. I do not know the status of this project. Check him out you guys & gals.

Yup - Doc Savage!

Aw-nold wanted to be Doc. But I think that project has been sidelined due to Arnold's other projects (T3 and Conan 3). But Doc is a much more realistic project right now than another one, Crusades.

Pat Savage is that you :wink:

I have all 181 Doc Savage books. It took me years of collecting and rummaging around used book stores but I did it.

I know exactly what you mean. Savage sword turned me onto sketching. I started off as a kid sketching copies of the art work in savage sword. This evolved into working with ink and painting aswell. It’s just a hobby for me, but I find it quite calming and theraputic. I wish I could be like you and Patricia and make a living producing arwork. There’s nothing like getting lost for hours creating something, even if it turns out to be junk. BTW Ernie Chan was my all time favourite Conan artist. He always portrayed him big and lean with a badass scowl.

I was an x-men fanatic. Loved the stories and it has played a big role in my weightlifting motivation and life. I got out of it around high school for lack of money. The comics kept on getting more expensive. I still have them all though. Lot’s of X-men, Uncanny X-men, all the age of apocalypse ones, the start of the x-men2099 storyline, along with assorted #1’s. I just read they made a story that revealed more about wolverines past and was going to check it out. anyone read that? sweet post by the way.