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Comedy Central Sucks


Long story short- They censored the hell out the latest South Park episode, adding bleeps in every time the name "Muhammad" is spoken.

Apparently this was because a radical Islam group got their panties in a bunch because Comedy Central wasn't following Muslim law. In America. Which doesn't currently seem to be in the Middle East. And has some sort of weird First Amendment right mumbo jumbo.


they didnt do that in my country..

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I thought it was part of the joke.


in the 1 i watched they said Muhammad in it!


well, they made fun of mormons and scientoligists and they got offended but dont actually have the stones to follow through with anything. its only the islamic extremists that have proven they are crazy enough to actually follow through on their threats. they killed that danish comic strip writer that made fun of muhammad and said they will do the same to parker & stone.


From what I read,it was Comedy Central that censored most of the Episode,not Matt and Trey. If that were the case,I no longer support a organization that bends to the will of Radicals.


If Parker and Stone were murdered.. they would become martyrs. I'd hope and expect that every TV show on every cable channel in America would run a clip of Mohamad taking it in the ass from a Jewish woman with a strap on.


x2. they will mock everyone and anyone and i think with this one they were able to mock them, but at the same time kind of cover themselves. If you read the article on yahoo i think it was this group essentially threatened their lives but are claiming they were only stating facts of how the last person to dishonor muhammed ended up dead.



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But that's really the same thing as a threat, and anyone with half a brain knows they did just enough to have plausble deniability in it. I can't ENTIRELY blame Comedy Central, since the people who rioted and committed acts of violence after the comic strip didn't just target the artist. They targeted the whole newspaper.

If Comedy Central honestly believed that Trey and Matt were the only ones who would be in danger over it, they probably would have sat down with them, made sure they knew what they were getting into, and then aired it unedited. As it is, Comedy Central has to believe that ALL people who work on the show and more than likely some innocent people who just work for the network would be targets. Why would it even stop at Comedy Central? What's to stop extremists from targeting Viacom as a whole? Compare the visibility of a relatively small newspaper in Europe to Comedy Central, and remember that a small newspaper sparked national riots.

While the odds of it happening are unknown, the risk can be VERY high and I can understand the decision.


The terrorists won again!


Durka Duurka Jihad!


Agreed. It is VERY easy to scream out how no one should bend to the will of radical extremists....from the safety of your fucking living room when nothing about you personally is being put at risk.

People like that are who piss me off.

Put YOUR personal name, street address and phone number out there along with a very public display of Muslim satire while pulling no punches before you tell an entire network how they should handle the safety of their own employees. Let your family know how loosely you take their lives while you're at it.


Unfuckinbelievable. The "real" islamists probably would only say they don't approve of the humour just like the Pope would for making fun of Jesus. However one little insignificant extreme group voices a threat and disguise it with a warning.... THIS IS SPARTA! If Mohammad intended his people to be assholes in his own image then he succeeded. Bravo and fuck you. Wait a sec Mohammad was suppose to be a prophet didn't he see this comming? Loser. I pity the real Islams that have to bear the prejudice of the fucktards that take it too far.


Does the bleeping even prevent you from knowing what they are saying? Seems pointless to me since we all know what the intent of the jokes were.


I have no reason to quote this other then I was amused when you said the real Islams.. The people that follow Islam are Muslim :stuck_out_tongue:

But as far as the episode goes... I totally thought it was part of the joke.. was it really because comedy central didn't want Muhammad named?

edit: I went to watch it again on southparkstudios seeing if it would still be bleeped but this showed up

â??we apologize that south park studios cannot stream episode 201 at this time. After we deliverred the show, and prior to broadcast, comedy central placed numerous additional audio bleeps throughout the episode. We do not have network approval to stream our original version of the show. We will rbing you a version of 201 as soon as we can.â??


Soutparkstudios wont stream the episode on their website. Anyone have a link to a vid of it?


Well when you go on SPstudios and try to play the episode it says that comedy central added bleeps before airing the show and that SPstudios doesnt have the rights to stream it.

So comedy central wont give the rights to SPstudios because they know SPstudios will air it uncensored, like they normally do.