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Comedian Louis C.K


dude is hilarious



Personal favorite is the "Huck Finn/Tom Sawyer" stand up skit from season 2 of "Louie"...just incredible


Love Louis CK ... one of the best stand ups out there

not to mention his show is funny as all hell




Yesss! Definitely one of my favorite comedians. And actually he JUST (as in today) released a new special, that he funded, that you buy from his web site for $5, so that you are actually buying it from HIM, not some production company.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VMeXGE_a8Gg Another goodie (I can't see the vid Jehovasfitness posted so sorry if I reposted it)...

So go get his comedy special, not only because he's hilarious, but because it's awesome the way he's doing it, and if it's successful others will do it too.


Funniest man alive.


that was the video I posted. It was outtakes from it he posted. I was gonna download his special, then saw his "torrent comment", so I had no problem paying for it.


Ahh makes sense. Oh well, I can't see the video for whatever reason, so maybe others can't either, so I'm still glad I said it.


I love that episode when he goes on a talk show about masturbation.


yeah, weird just a white post. the next poster linked to it though


Louis CK is one of my favs, as is this little skit


He's good

I also like George Carlin who inspired him I believe


One of the best!


That was great!

It was like the voices in my head came alive.


Also agree, love C.K. Awesome standup.


Louis is great. I had no problem paying the 5$ for the special.He should make it so people can pay more if they want. I would pay more if i could.


to be honest, his new special was ok. His older stuff is way better


I like his "suck a bag of dicks" joke.