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So, I have taken three months off, completely away from the gym, due to a career change. I haven’t really lost much weight, but I’m sure my strength is kaka. Actually, I look friggin great, since I’ve been eating less due to stress and all my “bulking” weight dropped.

In november, I get my life back, and I can get back into the gym.

Question: do I cycle (2 on 2 off is my preferred protocol), to kickstart me back into things, or stay natural for at least a few months before I jump into it?


in my opinion, i’d stay natural for at least a few months.
I took a break for a month and once i was back to training, i felt like i was on cycle. crazy weights, nice appitite and your muscle will look so nice and full. i had this feeling for around 2 months and things are slowing down so im thinking of cycle.
its good to see you back
good luck

Yeah… that sounds reasonable. Any one else have thoughts on this?

[quote]OTS1 wrote:
Yeah… that sounds reasonable. Any one else have thoughts on this?[/quote]

I say gradually build up your work capacity and strength naturally for a few weeks. If I have a layoff because of illness, it usually takes me at least two weeks to be able to lift close to what I was lifting before, and about a month to build up the volume.

I, too, feel there would be no need for AAS initially. You will be quickly working back to your previous strength/weight, and at first it can be largely getting used to lifting and eating again. Once you are solidly reestablished, go for it.


The jury is in!