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Comeback After a Year Off, Workout Questions

Hi all,

I used to work out for about 6-7 years, but due to changing priorities, a minor injury, and my (partly) lazy derriere, I took about a year off from the gym.

I am 6’ (183cm) and used to be around 180-190lbs (83kg-ish) and with sub-12% BF, but I’ve dropped about 20lbs from that weight. Having been to the gym for a few days now, I’ve noticed that I lack full flexibility and strength to adequately perform the bigger lifts. I have, however, managed to keep my stamina levels as I have quit smoking and been fairly active for the past 4 months with jogging, tennis, and swimming.

My short and sweet question is: for a lifter who has experience with various training styles and nutrition, how to successfully make a comeback and return to former performance levels? I kind of understand that this is a subjective question and highly dependant on everyone’s unique attributes, but maybe someone has experience w.r.t. making successful comeback workout routines. What mistakes should I avoid, which programs/routines should I consider, or which elements of my progress should I pay closer attention to?

Looking forward to everyone’s opinions and advice, thanks!


If been active/playing sport its not that big a deal. For flexibility just stretch hard immedialtey post workout, maybe look up some Defranco mobility clips on youtube.

This a good way to get back into it. Like he says start light and give yourself room to progress…

Thanks a lot for the feedback, I will take a look at these links.

As an update, wanted to let you know that I gymmed three times last week. Focused on bigger compound exercises and I feel that it’ll all need a little time.

Currently, I was able to comfortably work in the 50% range of my former strength for 12 reps per set. Really wanted to focus on getting back the technique and engaging my CNS with lifting again. Clearly, I’m fairly sore in some of the muscle groups, most notably chest, triceps near the elbow and hamstrings.

Any further advice is also welcome - I will try to let you know how it goes. After next week, I can probably start looking for some sort of a structured workout program. Thanks!