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Come Tear My Proposed Cycle to Shreds


First and foremost thanks to everyone on these forums and the website for the excellent information and advice provided. This is my first post, but by no means am I a newb to the site and forums.

Stats: 26 year old male, 5’ 10", 193 pounds, 10% body fat. I have been training for 6 years. My training style is very bodybuilding oriented, but I also train for strength.

Bench: 315
Squat: 405
Deadlift: 405
Pushpress: 240

Diet is on point. I switch between periods of low carb and carb cycling. I have tried KETO, it has helped, but not to the level of CC. CC is the shit!

I am natural and have never used steroids, I have only used an ECA stack to help me lean out. I want to do my first cycle, but due to my circumstances I can only do a four week cycle. I have read enough on the forums to know that when most people post about a four week cycle they get destroyed for lack of knowledge and proposing that kind of nonsense. The reason why I am still going forward with this proposal is because I believe it can be done in four weeks with the following compounds: (on a side note, for my age and genetics I lean out very rapidly and naturally respond very well to diet and training, most people think I’m on gear. it usually takes less than 6 weeks for me to get lean, in other words my body is very responsive to diet and training)

Week 1-4 Test suspension 50mg ed (350 a week)
Week 1-4 Tren Ace 50mg ed (350 a week)
Week 1-4 Nolvadex 20mg ed

My questions are the following:

  1. I know test suspension is very painful, but it is fast acting and needed for such a short cycle, how would it compare to test prop?
  2. I know prolactin is an issue with tren, should I be taking caber or prami from day one, or do I wait and see if any sides occur?
  3. I am planning to keep letro on hand as well as caber, just in case any gyno flares up, both will be covered, whether prolactin induced or estrogen induced, good idea?
  4. Would PCT follow the standard protocol? I know 4 weeks isn’t as harsh on the system
  5. I know the obvious response is going to be “WTF, are you nuts test susp and tren ace for a first time user, GTFO” BUT I believe for four weeks these would be the best compounds, what would you recommend instead, compound wise?


  1. In four weeks I know I will not get massive and I am not looking to do that anyways, this would be more of a quick body recomp, lose fat, build muscle, get some density and quality muscle. I believe I would get much farther in muscle quality doing this enhanced then doing it naturally.

Thanks guys, let me know what you think, or if I missed anything:grinning:
Im really looking forward to your quality insight


test suspension is a bit of a rollercoaster with regards to oestrogen, and even very experienced users struggle with it.

I actually believe a 4 week prop cycle with a reasonable dosage (say 700mg a week or so) can be a very productive cycle, and have done it in the past.

I’d pass on the suspension though.


Wow, im surprised to see someone supporting a four week cycle. What have you run in the past?

Anyways, I have never heard of test susp being wacky like that, I will look into it. Yes, I would imagine that If I did switch test susp for prop, the dosage would have to increase. 700 sounds high, but with prop it actually comes down to about 550 a week


700mg prop with 50mg dbol


50mg of dbol is enticing. I know I wont get the same gains from tren but it would defnitely come with less sides. I have also looked into turinabol to reduce xs water