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Come on Guys Show Off Your Muscles!



The horror, the horror!


god damn it...


wtf bro we had no warning


what the hell is this shit?




oops. anyways, went further down on the first page...

the beast awakens is on this site haha!



you guys notice the beast is on page one?


That's where he went :D.


OMG I want to join that site and post a pic of my back just to boost my ego. Must...fight...evil...urge!!!


This was further on down the page. On an up note..Monday HAS to get better from this point.


Cherry, you post a picture of your back on that gaggle fuck of a forum you'll have every computer nerd tracking your down interwebz style...are you ready to let that Pandora out of that box?


look at page 4

I think we found Johnny 5


bahahhaa page 6

"Case in point, me : 6'1" - 150lbs

To be honest, if someone like me puts on any more muscle weight I will look more freaky than I already do."


Goddamn they're skinny, there's a link to our site like on page 6 or 7.


Eh, they'll probably call me yucky and say I use steriods. I don't think any of those skinny pussies could even think about handling a woman like me.


How about we pull the same move we did with the quilting site? Go over there and post all out flash skills and your muscle?

It'll be a hoot.


I like to think about handling a woman like you ... booom I just rocked your world (in my mind)


Gotta be F-ing kidding me...bleh!


Not funny. Disturbing


They´re growing... sloooowly