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Come On Guys! Adjust And Reassess!

It seems like recently there has been a lot of criticism over many of the “T-Mags” staffs workouts, diets, supplement reccommendations, etc. A lot it has taken the tone of “it ain’t working” or “do we have to eat that much” or “show me some research that it doesn’t work” or “I’m xx age, been working out xx years, am xxx lbs at xx BF%, so you guys are full of shit; this stuff works, blah, blah blah”. My feeling is that a diet or supplement stack or workout plan proposed by the staff is merely a GUIDLINE and a STARTING POINT; WE HAVE TO ADJUST AND READJUST BASED ON OUR INDIVIDUAL RESPONSES. Am I correct? And if something “works” for you, hey, its a free country; piss away whatever amount of money you wish; don’t count on the T-Mag staff recommending ANYTHING based on antedotal evidence, gym gossip or marginal science. Your thoughts?

Thanks Mufasa! See my post below to Sasa. Pretty much says the same thing you just did.

Well said. I get so tired of people complaining about not being able to lose fat/gain weight. Not everyone responds to the same program but Massive Eating/Don’t Diet is unique because you can tailor it to your needs. I was a complainer for a good five years at least about not being able to gain/lose, blaming it on my genetics/metabolism. Then I got off my lazy ass and started hitting it hard and most importantly, consistent. I thought it was impossible to even get under ten percent bodyfat, but the problem was I was expecting it overnight, and I suspect that most of you who are complaining about inability to lose fat are not using a realistic time frame. For all you whiners out there, it’s time to either sack up, rub some dirt on it and get back in the game, or to coin a phrase from someone we all know and…well, anyway, go start an ant farm!