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I’m looking to take over coaching football at a small high school. The team is horrendous and the former coach is the school’s choir director. I believe a strong weightlifting regimen is what the team needs considering that they have only been using a few dumbbells and a Weider bench. I can get them some barbell sets and a better bench but the gym will still be limited.

Here is my question: what sort of weightlifting program would you implement with limited tools? Should I even try to use a Westside based system without even a basic power rack?


I’m sure Joe will weigh-in at some point, but I see no reason why you couldn’t. The “skinny bastard program” would be an ideal approach and the exercises offered as choices provide lots of variety. If a power rack is truly out of the question, I’d suggest using barbell hack squats in place of squats. The rest of the program does not require a rack.
old dogg


old dogg is right on the money. My skinny bastard program is ideal for your kids! Definately give it a shot.

And I hope you were kidding when you said that the old coach was also the choir director! Holy shit, no wonder they suck!