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Come Back in Weight Training After Several Injuries

Hello guys !
Here, I would like to share with you my trainings.
First, let me introduce myself a little :
I’m a 24 yo french guy, 178cm for 77 to 80kg. My weight depends a lot, I don’t check my maccro and eat as much I want, but I take care, because I was a fat 97kg teenagers years ago.
I do sports since I’m a child, with judo. I’ve done judo for at least 14 years, and do MMA since 5 years. I do competitions in MMA and Grappling/BJJ.
So my weight can’t increase a lot. I had to be stronger and leaner but not bigger :laughing:
Also, I will be a military police officer in a couple of month, so I run a lot now, to train for sport exams.

Due to some injuries, I had to let the weight on the side during 1 and half year. After that, couple of months ago, I broke my left hand in a MMA fight, so I go back to weight training slower this day (17th June 2019).

My program is very simple : An explosive exercice, a strenght exercice based on 8/6/3, some hypertrophie work and a finish move. 4 days a week, Squat day, bench day, Hang power clean day (can’t do deadlift because of homegym and not enough weight…) and OHP day.

Hope you will enjoy it as much as I will.
See you soon.


First day of training since a while.
Squat Day :

A - 3x5 Box Jump
B - Squat. After warming up :
I went easy on the weight.

C - Barbell Hack Squat
3x10x70kg 1x7x80kg

D - Lying Leg curl 3x8
E - Leg extension 3x15
F - Gobelet Squat 50x20kg

Training Duration : 40min.
That was hard, but good feelings. Squat is ok, I train with no belt now (I always put a belt before), to reinforce my lower back.


Hello guys.
Walking is hard today haha.
Today’s workout is Bench day.

A - 3x5 Plyo pushups. I superseted these with some air squat for the recover of my legs haha.
B - Bench Press. I superset the warm up sets with some rear delts flyes. After that :
I went light on this, because I was scared about my left hand. Indeed, she’s pretty weak.

C - Barbell bent over row
Here, my grip sucked, an my lower back didn’t recovery enough. But feelings on the lats was good.

D - Superset : Incline Db bench press and Incline Db chest supported row.
Same weight for the 2 exercices.
15x22kg/hand and 12x22kg/hand
10x26kg and 10x26kg
8x26kg and 8x26kg

E - Superset : Db lateral raises 3x15 with Barbell curls 3x10
F - 50 pushups for the finish.

Duration : 47min.

Good workout here, good feelings and pump. Weight was easy, but I prefer that until my hand has fully recovered.

Tonight, I go back to MMA class, I’m pretty excited, I really miss it.

See you soon.


Hello guys !
No workout yesterday, I was busy, but a 20km walk.

Today workout :
Hang Power clean day

A - Broad Jump 3x5
B - Hank Power Clean


D - BB Lunges
I’m not very confortable with this exercice, I lose stability sometimes during the set.

E - Leg extension
3x10-12, heavier than monday.

F - Db Swing 1x50 for the finish !

No calves in my workouts, I know it’s a shame, but if i do them, I can’t boxe for a week so…
Abs are done randomly in the week, 3 to 4 times.

MMA class again tonight. My hand is ok with light boxing for the moment.

See you soon :wink: