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Come At Me Bros


EDIT: new pics on page 2

I'm a big fan of RMP, so I have to see how I rate. Sorry about the shadowing, I live in my parents basement (LOL) so I can't really find a place without shadows. I chose to stand right under the light though. I am 19 years old and like 6'0.
First pose is front double biceps:


back double biceps


not a pose


flexing frunt


Wheels or gtfo.

lol jk you're still posting






Arms and chest I'd say need work (or atleast, those are your weaker points). Nice physique though


yeah I got shitty bicep peaks. shoulders suck too, no pop on delts. Put a number on me though


Fuck numbers. My 10 is ronnie coleman. You'd be a... 2 or 3 lol


yea 2 or 3


You live in that basement? Sorry bro...


we dont want to come at you, if i am understanding this correctly...


Are you locked up abroad in a underground prison for trying to traffic underage midget slaves?


Do you actually live in an unfinished basement with concrete walls etc? Crazy.

Anyways- you look good , especially for 19. Can you give us some more stats - weight/measurements/training/diet/lifts etc?


Holy crap, the Blair Witch has really been hitting the gym hard!


I lol'd


Gave you a 9.

I personally don't give a rat's ass about biceps peak, you're very proportionate, have great definition, and kudos on the legs. Only thing that's a little hard to see clearly are the traps...



Yes, serious.

Just sharing my opinion.