I know this is an old question (and yes, I’m a newbee), but I’ve read through all the old discussions on this topic and also read the two programs carefully and still don’t quite get it.

Would it make sense to do the upper body workout on M and F of week 1, with part I of limping on W, then in week two do Part II

Week 1:
M: Part I of upper body
W: Part I of limping
F: Part II of upper body
Week 2
M: Part II of limping
W: Part I of upper body
F: Part I of limping

and so on?

I have a feeling doing two lower body and two upper body a week would be too little recovery for me, and I can’t really work out on weekends, limiting my ability to do a slightly more stretched out program.

Even the above might be too much, so I thought about going to simply two upper body and one lower body per week, alternating the lower body workouts in limping. But this seems like maybe too long between each part of the limping workouts.

Background: I’m 39, reasonably good but not great shape (body fat 15%). After a lay-off of a year or so, I’m just finishing the Men’s Health Ian King 6 month program.

Andy DC, I’m in phase 3 of King’s “Limping” series & in phase 2 of his “12 Weeks to Super Strength,” meaning I started all of this about 10 weeks ago. I do both series together, 4 workouts a week, but I started the “12 Weeks” series only when I began phase 2 of the “Limping” series. If I had to start it all over again, I would stagger the two a bit more so that I don’t begin phases at the same time, otherwise, you end up doing four really heavy workouts back to back every three weeks. That’s the only real killer I’ve found with doing the programs together. So, if you’re worried about recovery, maybe start “Limping” & then 2 weeks later start “12 Weeks” so that your heavy leg week (week 3) coincides with your lightest upper body week (week 1).

I'm similar to you: 40 years old, about 17%bf & in reasonably good shape. If recovery is still a problem or a concern, do like King suggests & take a half week or a week off after every 3-week phase. That's what I've done.

Also, I’d recommend looking over what Tim Patterson said to a guy called “Ameentm” in Behind the Scenes in T-Mag no. 159. He lays out a supplement scheme that I’ve been following. That, coupled with keeping a strict food log, following the T-Dawg Diet & then Massive Eating, have produced better results that I would have believed possible had I not been living the results of it & seeing it in the mirror.

Bottom line: if you pace yourself, eat right, get enough sleep, supplement wisely, & do what the T-Editors tell you, you may well be all right.

Hope that helps.

As far as staggering the upper/lower body programs, Ian has said in the past that this is not necessary. Personally I had no problems doing the programs in a synchronized fashion.

Try being completely dynamic. Start with lower body, then upper a day or two after. As soon as a body part is recovered, work it. I can train my arms alot more than legs so I might train legs, then arms, then arms again, all before the soreness is out of my legs. My arms usually feel the pain for a day or two, but I often times need a whole week for my legs to recover from a hard session. The other benefit of this is that you can maximize your body’s recovery time without being set in stone by a day of the week. If it takes 5 days for legs to recover, you could work them on Wednesday, then get them again on monday, but if your upper body was worked on monday, maybe you can work it again on wednesday. ya dig?