Combining Work/Training

Hey people,

Some people do a physically demanding job, and being naturally righthanded or lefthanded, that side gets used more, creating muscle imbalance, how would one go about getting a balanced physique, despite work? Or is it normal to have a stronger side and a weaker side?



i think most people are either right handed or left handed, so it would be natural to favor one side to the other.
unless your ambidextrous, your physique
would be out of slight balance.

i would be more curious to know if there are people that do hard labouring jobs (construction etc.), if they still do a typical workout routine (4 days in gym). Or is their workout different from others because their dayjob is more physically demanding.

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Up until this year I always worked construction of some type be it concrete or Iron work what have you.

When we werent to damn busy and I had time to think about it I would simply carry things with my less dominant left side and such. While it was and is still behind it helped.

As far as the w/o schedaul. I still did the 4 day split. 2 upper 2 lower in general. I would miss a day a little more often if we had been really humping but most of the time not. I would lift befor going in at around 4AM.