Combining Two 5/3/1 Templates?

Here’s my 5/3/1 plan for the next 2 cycles

Day 1:
1.Press 5/3/1 (chin ups b\w every set)
2.Dips 100reps ss chin ups 100reps
conditioning: Farmer walk

Day 2:
1.Deadlift 5/3/1
2.Squat 5x10
conditioning: Prowler

Day 3:
1.Bench press (chin ups b/w every set)
2.Push ups 100reps ss Chin ups 100reps
conditioning: Rope Pulls

Day 4:
1.Squat 5/3/1
2.Front squat 5x10
conditioning: Prowler

Any suggestions? 10x

It’s not bad. Two things you should do, based on my experiences:

  1. Change the “front squat 5x10” - either sets of 5 reps (or less) or change the movement. The FS is NOT to be done for multiple sets of 10 reps due to the upper back fatigue.

  2. You are going to have to be cognizant of the “conditioning” and do a tremendous job of properly programming it. This is not the time to be going “balls out” with conditioning. In fact, we completely changed and use a conditioning principle in regards to ALL conditioning work. So far, it has worked with hills, Prowler, mile runs, weight vest (WaLRUS) work and AirDyne. This is besides the point but this template (yours) would be done AFTER a reset and done for no more than 2-3 cycles. AFTER that, your conditioning can change.

In general, the template is not bad. We do a lot of different things when creating a template (all the assistance, mobility, recovery, conditioning, speed (jump/throws) is programmed for a complete and balanced template. I urge you to take these things into account.

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Thanks for the quick answer, Jim! I like the “front squat 5x5” advice.

To be honest, I have no idea how to program the conditioning work…as it’s for the first time - maybe just do it to get some consistency (without killing myself)? Some advice will be apriciated. Thank you for your time.

I just wrote this answer (below) for some guy on FB. For what YOU have on your template, you need to be respectful of the Farmer Walk (NOT conditioning) and understanding that the Prowler needs to be programmed in respect to everything else you are doing.

“Let me explain even further - the Yoke, Atlas, Farmers Walk - these should never treated as “conditioning”. Easily one of the things I’ve fucked up and others have too. These are strength movements that require some skill due to their high injury potential. Using them solely as
conditioning is fucking stupid. I’m not calling you stupid; many of us were. They should be treated like strength movements and treated as such. This is how the Prowler is a bit different - you have to be in
such poor physical shape and just gross to get hurt pushing the Prowler. So it allows for intense loading with NO injury potential. I wish more people would understand this difference. It passes the Toilet
Philosopher test: spend 10 minutes on the shitter and you can solve any problem provided you critically think.”

Also - think about this: you are doing rope pulls on Day 3 and Front Squats on 4 (presumably no day rest apart). If you’ve done rope pulls before they smoke your grip, hands and upper back. So take that into account when you are doing Front Squats.

Understand you can still do 5x10 after you squat, just don’t pick Front Squats. It may be a good movement but not every movement can be loaded the same way. The movements you do with 5x10 (as a supplemental movement) must fit that loading plan OR the % has to come down.

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Also - thank you for reading and taking my recommendations and building your own template. It makes me VERY HAPPY and thankful that you respect my work and my ideas and built on it.

I really appreciate it.

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I do respect your work - i have bought all of your e-books, also got the 5/3/1 2nd edition hard copy (no matter how hard it was to ship to Bulgaria, EU) Looking forward to buy Beyond 5/3/1 on hard copy. Greetings.