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Combining Three Workouts Into One?



I was reading this new article on T-Nation by Mike Mahler, and was curious if it would be possible to use all three of these routines simultaneously.

Monday - Cleans and jerks/pullovers
Wednesday - Squats, etc
Friday - Deadlifts, etc

What do you guys think? I really want to try the squat program in his article but I love clean/jerks and deadlifts as well.


That would seriously overtrain you.

Hey, aren't you the same guy who has the post about whether to do 5x5 or WS4SB? O suggest you just pick a simple and proven program, like 5x5 or a simple 4-day split.

Please don't overcomplicate things.

(If you are not that guy, then I apologize for my horrid memory)


Yeah I am that guy but I was just asking some what some people thought about this so chill out.


I'd stick to something proven, too.
Then make sure you progress "fast" and keep on progressing. Don't worry about this fad stuff.


Idk I might have to give one of them workouts a try. They look interesting. Does anyone else have an opinion on them?



Really, picking a workout is a 'small' detail. The large details are the intensity that is put into a program, the amount of rest for recovery, quality food and/or supplimentation and nutritional balance.

Figure out precisely what your immediate goal is, find a proven workout that works towards that goal and then give it your all.


You kind of totally forgot progression in strength for reps, which pretty much is the most important thing out there (for size gains) though the rest ain't too bad.

Btw, aren't you the combat-pyramids guy ? :wink:


I guess I'll just go to 5x5 then...maybe when i stall out ill do a few weeks of this squat program...


Can't really go wrong with 5*5...
Though to be honest, I'd just do a 4-way (whether you want a 1/week frequency or restart the cycle every 5-6 days is up to you...) and make sure I got stronger in the hypertrophy zone on every exercise, every session.
Upon stalling on an exercise, switch it out for another one which hits the same target area... And there you have it.

Don't think diet needs to be explained... So there.

We really need to get some stickies up..


I don't think I'm quite sure what you mean


I just lumped progression into the intensity part of my comment, though I should have separated the two.

Yes, I'm the pyramid guy, at least one of them. So?


Oh, just a flashback.. That's all.


Could you explain your previous post please Carnage


I responded to your pm, you only need to check.


I would echo what Carnage is saying here about just doing a normal 4-way split.