Combining the "5s" Progression with Off Season Mass Training

In Beyond 5/3/1, theres a template called the “5’s progression.” Its basically 5/3/1 but you just do 5 reps for all the work sets instead of building up to a set of amrap. Same percentages over the cycle.

Then in the Powerlifting book there’s an off season Mass Building Template. It takes off the amrap set of 5/3/1 but puts in a drop set of 10-15 reps for everything but deadlift. Same structure for the 4 movements other than that. Then theres a bit more volume for the assistance work, which is the focus.

To give an example, Press day has 5.3.1 for OHP with a drop set 10-15 reps on the last set. then 5x10 dumbbell shoulder press, 5x10 barbell curl, 3x10 superset lateral/rear delt raise and some conditioning.

I would switch out the 5.3.1 on the big movements for 3x5. Its all Jim’s stuff, just wonder what you guys think.

For some background, I’ve done 2 cycles of simplest strength after a year long medical hiatus. I’m getting back a lot of what i had strength wise, obviously, but i feel like this 5’s/mass might strike a better balance for me.

If its a bad idea lmk!

I think it’s a bad idea.

If you want some more volume, why not do 5s Pro and 5x5 FSL (First Set Last)?

Generally mixing templates is a bad idea. Each one is set out because Jim realised that’s how that particular template works best based on work he’s done.

Your assistance is OK, I think. Personally I’ve found using total reps instead of repsxsets to be a game changer for my assistance, but it’s up to you. Assistance doesn’t and shouldn’t take much thought.

If I understand it correctly, one good approach is to do 50-100 reps of push and pull each on upper days and 50-100 reps of lower back and abs each on lower days.

I’d recommend the Krypteia program - but sticking with the Prep Version for quite a long time. I have seen better strength, size and “work capacity” gains on this program than any other 5/3/1 program, or any program I’ve seen/done. It’s on my personal forum and will be in new book.

The program is not for everyone as it is very specific and will never, ever compromise on anything I write. But if you can do it and have access to the movements, I would check it out.

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Thanks Jim I’ll check it out.

Thanks for the input, will consider.

Jim,when does the new book come out…looking forward to purchasing and implementing some new 5/3/1 workouts…Krypteia sounds legit

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Just do one of the other and make progress. Mixing programmes will give mixed result at best

I’ve seen more gains in 6 weeks on Krypteia program than anything I’ve ever seen - and no one gets overtrained or tired or whatever. Like the HC said on Friday - “It’s only December and the kids already look like this!”

But they don’t fuck with the program like some people and they actually do the program. The awesome thing is that I have a wide variety of athletes, body types and ages and the excuses seem to never show up like on public forums. Weird.

The book will be out as soon as I can get it out. There are something like 80+ total programs, all detailed and I’m trying to minimize any mistake. But yeah - I’ll put the Krypetia program against anything out there provided people do it 100% as shown.

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