Combining Tempo Contrast Rep Pause & 30% to Failure

I recently read your 2 articles on getting growth with 30% of your max as long as it’s to failure and the recent one on forced growth and rest pause techniques.

I recently tore my serratus muscle or some type of rib muscle and and pressing movemenst hurt especially once I get near the lock out.

Being that I can use lighter weights as long as Im slow and controlled I figured I’d devise my workout with the two methods I just mentioned since you have to use lighter weight. Would the following work until I heal?

Start off the workout with Tempo Contrast rest pause of even doing just straight sets of 6 sec negatives to activate mTor.

After a few sets of that finish up with lighter constant tension pump sets in the 15-20 range to failure.

Sounds like a good plan. I personally think that you might have better results doing 3 sets per exercise (one of the rare cases where doing 3 rest/pause sets to failure is fine); all rest/pause sets.

First set = mTor reps rest/pause to failure (3 mini-sets per set… mTor to failure/rest 10 sec/mTor reps to failure/10 sec rest/mTor reps to failure)

Second set = mTor reps to failure/10 sec rest/mTor reps to failure/10 sec rest/regular reps to failure

Third set = regular reps to failure/10 sec rest/slow top half partials to failure/10 sec rest/slow bottom half reps to failure

Ok thanks CT. Hope it works at least for hypertrophy. Mentally Im addicted to always doing multiple sets of heavy explosive triples.