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Combining Supps and Health


I did a quick search but was unable to find anything directly on this topic. I take my training seriously and try to follow good nutrition. I am trying to get bigger but I also lift weights and eat for health as well. I get approximately 250-300 grams of protein a day and take a multi vitamin but that is about it.

My problem is this... I try to avoid artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners and preservatives. I have found it extremely difficult to find a protein powder that is all natural, but have succeeded in most cases. I would love to take supplements like Surge Workout Fuel and the stacks offered on this site but I cringe when I look at the ingredient label.

I cannot imagine taking these things in on a daily basis. If anyone has the same kind of concerns, what do you do for your pre and post workout nutrition? Is anyone aware of any supplements that are healthy? Is it possible to get things like Surge Workout Fuel in an all natural flavor. I could care less what something tastes like, i'll just mix it with juice or whatever. I dont even care about sweetner as I can use fruit or else a pinch of stevia.


I'm with you on this man. I'm in it for health as well and it seems backwards to take food coloring and artificial sweeteners on a daily basis.


Nice to see I'm not alone out there! Thanks for that site, looks like a step in the right direction for sure


Yeah, I am not as strict is you but almost there.
I make my own pre, post mixes.
Question are you guys ok with Aminos (Glutamine, Lysine, etc)?
If so depending on your needs you can buy them straight and make your own pre and post.
Take a profile for say the Surge, look at its key ingredients and buy them in powder from. Some of them will need a stack, often Vit Bs are used.

I will take some vit Bs and a Naicin before workouts, mixed in with some Tyrosin, glutamine, and creatine. I mix it around though, cause i have found i get used to them or my levels top off and I change it or just go back to whey.

But i would for sure invest in some pure powder form of Aminos and add them.
Red Organic Grape juice added to post is great also.


Listen to this guy. He's right. It's way cheaper to buy supplements in commodity form rather than paying for the shiny container. I save thousands a year by doing this.


Thats a great idea, didnt really think to look at the ingredient list and make it myself. I dont have any problems with creatine, glutamine etc as there seems to be no evidence of any problems with taking them. If you dig deep enough you can always find someone who dislikes something about them, but they seem safe enough to me.


I am with you too, I always research extensively the supps I take.

For pre and post-workouts I just try and eat raw foods... fruits and lean meats.

I just bought some protein powders that supposedly contain just the protein. no sweeteners or colors etc
I'll prob keep one at school (where i work out) and mix it with some kind of juice if im on the go.

In the AM I do take some other supps though like a multi, fish oil, Superfood, etc


Those artificial sweeteners should be the least of your concern...pretty much everything you eat is genetically modified...unless you are paying 3 times the price...and with the quantities you have too eat to make any kind of progress, well, you better start looking at financing options for your groceries...


Paying more for healthier food is a pain in the wallet. It all comes down to how you budget yourself & how import it is for you. Some of my coworkers complain that grass fed beef & omega 3 eggs are way out of their price range. But they don't have a problem paying monthly extras like tv channels when you can pretty much watch every show/movie online for free. unlimited text message, you can just call someones cell or aim them if you're home.


Is your main concern just the artificial sweeteners & colors?


I agree, eating healthy food is way more expensive. I eat organic when reasonably affordable, otherwise I just watch labels carefully. I try to find as natural as possible and hope for the best. We cannot control everything but I will do my best to eliminate as much as I can.

artificial flavors, msg etc as well as preservatives. I stopped eating nitrates which sucks because I love things like pepperoni but I just feel its too unhealthy. I also avoid sugar for the most part, although I do enjoy desert once in a while.


All artificial sweeteners were not created equal either.
Read this if you haven't already

Aspartame Sucralose(splenda) and stevia really aren't the same.