Combining Supplements

Just wondering if it would be okay and also a good idea to mix Carbolin 19 and Nitrix from BSN.


What’s in Nitrix?

Nutrient #1 - An Essential NO Enzyme - Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD) is an essential NO enzyme that has a vital role in the conversion of L-AAKG to NO. Without the addition of this enzyme NO conversion is minimized to less than ideal levels. However, with the added support of this enzyme NO production is considerably increased to levels that may have never before been obtainable by the body.

Nutrient #2 - A Key NO Donor - L-Citrulline is an amino acid that is an extremely powerful NO donor. This relatively unheard of amino acid has a significant role in the body’s NO production process due to its unique ability to continually recycle itself into NO. This continuous recycling procedure promotes increased and sustained levels of NO in the blood.

Nutrient #3 - A Precise Blend of Essential Phosphates - Phosphoplexx is a precise blend of essential phosphates that are crucial in the uptake and storage of nutrients in the muscle cell. Without these phosphates the body’s ability to increase and store the amounts of protein (amino acids), glucose (carbohydrates), ATP, creatine, oxygen, and calcium within the muscle are significantly limited. Phosphoplexx enhances the uptake of these nutrients into the muscle which is extremely important to achieve the true potential of NO.

I suggest you do a search on those ingredients on the site to see if you find any good info on them.

As far as NO products in general:
Front page → Article Library → Science and Pharmacology:
“Consumer Alert: The NO2/Arginine Scam” parts I and II

Probably only someone like Cy could say with any authority if there were any potential interactions, but after reading those articles, it might not matter.

Well, you already have the NO, so go ahead and try it. I’ve read on this site the negative effects of it. I don’t doubt the knowledge of the T-Mag staff, however, it seems everybody I’ve talked in person to who has used the stuff swears by it. The only way you will know is trying it for yourself.

As far as mixing the two, I don’t see any problems (but what do I know). I’d take them at seperate times though.