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Combining Strength & Endurance Sports


Do any of you compete in both strength contests like powerlifting or strongman, and endurance sports like marathon running or triathlons?

I've done strongman and powerlifting and am now training for a half-marathon.I'm doing only a small amount of lifting, though, at present.

My feeling is that training for, say, both a lifting meet and a marathon at the same time will make your performance in both suffer greatly and may very well get you injured, but one can do both in the same year. Of course, if you want to be elite in either, you should stick to your sport.
Any experiences or thoughts?


I train Muay Thai, do lots of strength, strength endurance and speed work. But, my wife and I enjoy doing multi day bike tours, duathlons and 5-10k runs as well. As one the these events approaches we just shift our training and concentrate more on the attributes needed for that event.

You're right, training for gains in both strength and edurance type events leads to half assed results in both.


I'm always interested in the way martial artists train (I've dabbled in Muay Thai, Jiu-jitsu, etc.)
I thought the special on Spike about Rich Franklin's training was great. I'd love to see what he does, say, months away from a fight rather than weeks.