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Combining Strength and Hypertrophy Program

Hi guys,

Just wanted to get a few opinions on my programme and if it’s feasible to combine both strength and hypertrophy training. I’m currently doing the ‘5,3,1’ 4 week training cycle for squat, bench and dead. As my back and shoulders are more developed than my other muscles I don’t put too much emphasis on that and focus more on my chest and legs. I’m currently 95kg/209lb, 6"1, and can squat 200kg/440lb, deadlift 240kg/529lb and bench 140kg/308lb.

Monday Legs strength/accessory: Deadlift 5,3,1, pause squats (3x5 5 sec pause, 3 sec pause, 1 sec pause) hip thrusts 3x8 and hamstring curls 5x10

Tuesday Chest hypertrophy: DB Press 12,8,6 Bench Press 3x12 Cable fly’s 3x15 upper, middle, lower Dips/Press Ups combo 3x AMRAP

Wednesday Back hypertrophy: Pull ups 3 x AMRAP, Hyperextensions 3x15, calf raises 5x15, lat pull down 3x12, cable rows 3x12

Thursday: Legs (quad focus) Strength: Squat 5,3,1, Hack Squats 3x8, Leg Press 3x15, Leg Extensions 5x10 incl drop sets

Friday Chest Strength: Bench Press 5,3,1, Incline DB press 3x8, Pec Deck 3x8, Shoulder Press 3x5

Any feedback would be much appreciated