Combining Smolov Jr Bench & Smolov Squat Routine

Would this be possible to do the smolov jr bench program and squat together?
They are both Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat so I could do Squat and then bench on each of them days with assesory excersies ontop. Im guessing no leg pressing or deadlift to be done either while doing the squat program?

Plenty of people have done both at the same time. Go for it and just be smart about how much assistance you do.

would it be a good/bad idea to do deadlifts 4x a week aswell to work on explosiveness, deadlifting without belt and technique if I use 140kg as my 1rm when my actual 1rm is 180-190?

Whether you are already doing high frequency or not I don’t think that would be a good idea. I know of one lifter who did both smolovs while deadlifting twice a week, but he is an elite level lifter by the highest standards and has done high frequency for a long time.

What is your current frequency like for each lift?

For the record, I went from doing 531 to the smolovs and I consider that the dumbest thing I’ve done in training. I was not ready for the frequency, lost my gains, and got some aches and pains in my hips and shoulders. It can work, but IMO there should be some build up before doing so.

You could try doing the 4 week version instead of the 3 week version. This is where you do 3 session per week instead of cramming in 4, you follow the same structure but just spread it out more.

This could be a safer option for your first attempt at running both as it would allow more recovery, then in a few month you could try the 3 week option.


IMO that is just too much. Run one at time.
Too much training can be counterproductive, leading to injuries.

Just be sure to take care of your shoulders. Both squatting and bench can be rough on them.