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Combining Russian S/S and Cluster/Contrast Training

Coach, what are your thoughts on combining some of these methods? I tested as a 1A on your neuro tests. Wanted to combine a few of my favs from your methods.
Was thinking something like this…
Russian S/S
Day 1 Squat 5x1 then rather than 1x3 at 75% a wave or 2 of clusters poliquin or miller or 1/6 contrast method
power clean 5x1
Day 2 Push press
Bench Press
Gonna add a day 3 for pulling
Day 3 Chins
Bent or pendley rows
Working out 6x a week
So essentially progressing with Strength skill 5x1 workout 1
6x1 workout 2 then 7x1, 8x1, 9x1 , 10x1.
Rather than then doing the 1x3 back off set at 75% i’d be doing one to 2 sets of clusters or contrast waves. may even add one or two sets of a low stress high rep exercise at end of workout like say a high rep set of goblet squats on leg day or 1 arm row pulling day.
Sorry , can’t seem to put me thoughts on paper this morning. Hope its not too confusing. Basically im trying to combine my 3 favorite methods I learned from you. Strength Skill, Clusters and contrast training.

Actually, looking at my upcoming work schedule. I will probably just be able to train 4-5 days a week not 6.